1983 Island Scenes set to 28p (17v)A1/A12e£5.00£6.00
1984 Birds (5v)A13/A17£2.50£3.00
1985 Alderney Airport (5v)A18/A22£3.00£3.75
1985 Alderney Garrison (5v)A23/A27£1.50£2.00
1986 Alderney Forts (4v)A28/A31£2.00£2.50
1987 Alderney Shipwrecks (5v)A32/A36£2.75£3.75
1989 Bastide's Survey of Alderney (5v)A37/A41£1.75£1.75
1990 Royal Navy Ships (5v)A42/A46£2.00£2.00
1991 Casquets Lighthouse (5v)A47/A51£3.00£3.50
1992 Battle of La Hogue (4v)A52/A55£2.50£3.00
1993 Endangered Species - Marine Life (4v)A56/A59£2.25£2.25
1994 Flora & Fauna set to £2 (21v)A60/A77£8.00£8.50
1995 Tommy Rose, Aviator (6v)A78/A83£3.00£3.00
1995 Return of Islanders to Alderney (M/S)M/S A84£2.00£2.00
1996 30th Signal Regiment Adoption  (4v)A85/A88£3.00£3.00
1996 Cats ( 6v)A89/A94£3.00£3.00
1996 Cats (M/S)MS A95£3.25£3.25
1997 Cricket(5v)A96/A100£2.50£2.50
1997 Cricket(M/S)M/S A101£4.00£4.00
1997 Garrison Island (1st Series) (8v)A102/A109£2.75£2.75
1997 Garrison Island (booklet panes) (4)A102/A109£6.00
1998 Alderney Diving Club (5v)A110/A114£3.00£3.00
1998 Alderney Diving Club (M/S)MS A115£4.00£4.00
1998 Garrison Island (2nd Series) (8v)A116/A123£3.00£3.00
1998 Garrison Island (booklet panes) (4)£7.50
1999 Cent. of Wreck of Stella (M/S)M/S A124£3.25£3.00
1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun (6v)A125/A130£2.75£2.75
1999 Total Eclipse of the Sun (M/S)M/S A131£3.25£3.25
1999 Garrison Island (3rd Series) (8v)A132/A139£3.00£3.00
1999 Garrison Island (booklet panes) (6)A132/A139£10.00
2000 Endangered Species (Falcon) (6v)A140/A145£3.00£3.00
2000 A Wombling Holiday (6v)A146/A151£3.25£3.25
2000 A Wombling Holiday (M/S)M/S A152£3.50£3.50
2000 Queen Mother's 100th Birthday (M/S)M/S A153£2.25£2.25
2000 Garrison Island (4th Series) (8v)A154/A161£3.25£3.25
2000 Garrison Island (booklet panes) (6)A154/A161£11.00
2001 QEII 75th Birthday (M/S)M/S A162£2.50£2.50
2001 Community Services (1st Series (6v)A163/A168£3.00£3.00
2001 Community Services (booklet panes) (3)A163a/A168a£7.50
2001 30th Anniv. of Golf Club (6v)A169/A174£3.25£3.25
2001 30th Anniv. of Golf Club (M/S)M/S A175£3.25£3.25
2001 Garrison Island (5th Series) (8v)A176/A183£3.25£3.25
2001 Garrison Island (booklet panes) (6)A176/A183£11.00
2002 Golden Jubilee (M/S)M/S A184£2.50£2.50
2002 Migrating Birds (1st Series) (6v)A185/A190£3.25£3.25
2002 Migrating Birds (1st Series) (M/S)M/S A191£4.00
2002 Les Casquets Lighthouse (5v)A192/A196£3.25£3.25
2002 Community Services (2nd Series) (6v)A197/A202£3.50£3.50
2002 Community Services (from booklet)A197a/A202a£3.75
2002 Community Services (booklet panes) (3)A197a/A202a£7.50
2003 50th Anniv. of Coronation (M/S)M/S A203£3.00£3.00
2003 Centenary of Powered Flight (6v)A204/A209£3.50£3.50
2003 Migrating Birds (2nd Series) (6v)A210/A215£4.00£4.00
2003 Migrating Birds (2nd Series) (M/S)M/S A216
2003 Community Services (3rd Series) (6v)A217/A222£3.50£3.50
2003 Community Services (booklet panes) (6)A217/A222£12.00
2004 Fungi (6V)A223/A228£4.00£4.00
2004 Centenary of F.I.F.A. (6v)A229/A234£3.75£3.75
2004 Migrating Birds (3rd Series) (6V)A235/A240£4.00£4.00
2004 Migrating Birds (3rd Series) (M/S)M/S A241£5.00£5.00
2004 Community Services (4th Series) (6v)A242/A247£4.00£4.00
2005 Hans Christian Andersen (5v)A248/A252£3.50£3.50
2005 Bicent of Battle of Trafalgar (6v)A253/A258£4.00£4.00
2005 Trafalgar booklet panes (6)A253/A258£13.50
2005 Migrating Birds (4th Series) (6v)A259/A264£4.75£4.75
2005 Migrating Birds (4th Series) (M/S)M/S A265£5.00
2005 Return of War Evacuees (M/S)M/S A266£3.25£3.25
2006 'The Once and Future King' (6v)A267/A272£4.00£4.00
2006 'The Once and Future King' (M/S)M/S A273£3.75£3.75
2006 QEII 80th Birthday (8v)A274/A281£4.50
2006 Resident Birds (1st Series) (6v)A282/A287£4.75
2006 Corals & Anemones set to £4 (16v)A288/A308£12.00£12.00
2007 Ramsar site (6v)A309/A314£4.00£4.00
2007 Ramsar site (M/S)M/S A315£4.00
2007 Resident Birds (2nd Series) (6v)A316/A321£4.00£4.00
2007 Rudyard Kipling (6v)A322/A327£5.00
2007 Rudyard Kipling (M/S)M/S A328£5.00
2008 Butterflies (6v)A329/A334£5.25£5.25
2008 Butterflies (M/S)M/S A335£5.00
2008 Resident Birds (3rd Series) (6v)A336/A341£4.75£4.75
2008 25th Anniv of Alderney Stamps (7v)A342/A347£6.00
2008 £5 Definitive (1v)A348£6.00
2008 40th Anniv of Aurigny Air Services (6v)A349/A354£4.75£4.75
2008 40th Anniv of Aurigny Air Services (M/S)M/S A355£4.75
2009 Alderney Bees (6v)A356/A361£4.75£4.75
2009 Alderney Bees (M/S)M/S A362£4.75
2009 Resident Birds (4th Series)A363/A368£4.75
2009 Centenary of Naval Aviation (6v)A369/A374£4.75£4.75
2009 Sir Arthur Conan DoyleA375/A380£4.75£4.75
2010 Dragonflies (6v)A381/A386£4.75£4.75
2010 Dragonflies (M/S)M/S A387£5.50
2010 70th Aniv of Battle of Britain (6v)A388/A393£4.75£4.75
2010 70th Aniv of Battle of Britain (M/S)M/S A394£3.00
2010 Florence Nightingale (6v)A395/A400£4.75£4.75
2010 J. M. Barrie (Author) (6v)A401/A406£4.75£4.75
2010 J. M. Barrie (Author) (M/S)M/S A407£4.50
2010 Christmas (7v)A408/A414£4.75£4.75
2011 Alderney Hawk-moths (6v)A415/A420£4.75
2011 Alderney Hawk-moths (M/S)M/S A421£4.75
2011 Birds of the Balliwick (6v)A422/A427£4.50£4.50
2011 Birds of the Balliwick (M/S)M/S A428£4.50
2011 QEII 85th Birthday (6v)A429/A434£4.00
2011 QEII 85th Birthday ex-booklet panes of 4 (6)A429/A434£18.00
2011 Centenary of British Red Cross (^v)A435/A440£4.00
2011 Christmas (7v)A441/A447£4.50
2012 Centenary of Titanic (6v)A448/A453£4.50
2012 Centenary of Titanic ex-booklet panes of 4 (6)A448/A453£18.00
2012 Charles Dickens Birth Bicentenary (6v)A454/A459£4.50
2012 Alderney Invertebrates (6v)A460/A465£4.75
2012 Alderney Invertebrates (M/S)M/S A466£4.75
2012 History of Alderney Harbour(6v)A467/A472£4.75
2012 History of Alderney Harbour(M/S)M/S A473£4.75
2012 Christmas (7v)A474/A480£5.25
2013 Alderney Beetles (6v)A481/A486£5.00
2013 Alderney Beetles (M/S)M/S A487£5.00
2013 60th Anniv of Coronation (6v)A488/A493£5.00
2013 The Life of Beatrix Potter (6v)A494/A499£5.00
2013 The Life of Beatrix Potter (M/S)M/S A500£5.00
2013 Christmas (7v)A501/A507£6.00
2014 Alderney Ladybirds (6v)A508/A513£5.00
2014 Alderney Ladybirds (M/S)M/S A514£5.00
2014 Bayeux Tapestry Final Panel (6v)A515/A520£5.00
2014 Bayeux Tapestry Final Panel (M/S)M/S A521£4.00
2014Royal Baby (2v)A522/523£1.50
2014 The Life of Ian Fleming (6v)A524/529£5.00
2014 The Life of Ian Fleming (M/S)M/S A530£4.00
2014 Christmas (7v) A531/A537£5.50
2015 150th Anniv of Alice in WonderlandA538/A543£5.00
2015 150th Anniv of Alice in Wonderland M/SM/S A544£4.00
2015 Flora and FaunaA545/A550£5.00
2015 Flora and Fauna M/SM/S A551£4.75
2015 Alderney FortsA552/A557£5.00
2015 QEII Longest Reigning MonarchA558£12.50
2015 Christmas - Stained Glass WindowsA559/A565£5.00
2015 70th Anniv of Alderney Homecoming M/SM/S A566£3.75
2016 Longis Nature ReserveA567/A572£4.75
2016 Longis Nature Reserve M/SM/S A573£4.75
2016 90th Birthday of QEIIA574/A579£5.00
2016 950th Anniv of Battle of HastingsA580/A585£5.00
2016 950th Anniv of Battle of Hastings M/SM/S A586£5.00
2016 Christmas - SymbolsA587/A593£5.00
2017 First Edition Alderney and Burhou MapA594/A599£5.00
2017 First Edition Alderney and Burhoe Map M/SM/S A600£3.75
2017 Scenes of AlderneyA601/A606£5.00
2017 Coastal EclipsesA607/A612£5.00
2017 Coastal Eclipses M/SM/S A613£5.00
2017 Christmas A614/A620£5.00
2018 50th Anniv of the WomblesA621/A626£5.00
2018 50th Anniv of the Wombles M/SM/S A627£5.00
2018 Stampex, British National Stamp Exhibition M/SM/S A628£1.50
2018 65th Anniv of Coronation of QEIIA629/A634£5.25
2018 Alderney WeekA635/A640£5.25
2018 Christmas - A Christmas CarolA641/A647£5.75
2019 120th Anniv of the Sinking of the SS StellaA648/A653£5.25
2019 120th Anniv of the sinking of the SS Stella M/SM/S A654£5.25
2019 75th Anniv of D-DayA655/A660£5.50
2019 75th Anniv of D-Day M/SM/S A661£3.75
2019 Odes to Nature£5.50
2019 100th Anniv of Remembrance Day M/S£2.75
2019 Christmas£6.00
2019 Christmas M/S£1.50
2019 Sealife
2019 Birds set to £4 (16v)£10.00