B 1 - 20£270.00**signed by Schlegel
B 1£2.40£1.60£3.90Berlin as at 23rd November, 2020
B 2£3.15£2.10£3.90
B 3£1.95£1.30£3.90
B 4£2.40£1.60£1.15
B 5£1.95£1.30£1.15
B 6£10.80£7.20£50.00
B 7£2.40£1.60£1.65
B 8£5.85£3.90£5.75
B 9£1.65£1.1038p.
B 10£15.60£10.40£40.00
B 11£4.65£3.10£6.50
B 12£6.30£4.20£6.50
B 13£7.80£5.20£19.50
B 14£3.15£2.1038p.
B 15£10.20£6.80£19.50
B 16£13.80£9.20£65.00
B 17£39.00£26.00£100.00
B 18£42.00£28.00£325.00
B 19£36.00£450.00
B 21 - 34£1020.00**signed by Schlegel
B 21£1.80£2.00
B 22£13.20£2.00
B 23£24.00£3.90
B 24£4.65£3.10£1.15
B 25£6.80£1.65
B 26£3.45£2.3095p.
B 27£80.00£52.00£35.00
B 28£75.00£50.00£4.25
B 29£75.00£50.00£11.50
B 30£75.00£50.00£6.50
B 31£6.8050p.
B 32£105.00£70.00£6.50
B 33£420.00£280.00£350.00
B 34£240.00£160.00£190.00+ 1 used which if off-centre at £170.00
B 3540p.26p.30p.
B 35a£1.10
B 3680p.55p.30p.
B 36a£1.95
B 36c£4.65£3.10£3.25
B 3765p.33p.
B 38£1.0090p.
B 39£1.65£1.10£1.05
B 4080p.55p.30p.
B 41£8.4080p.
B 42£4.65£3.1033p.
B 42b£50.00£35.00£2.00
B 43£23.40£15.6080p.
B 44£10.80£7.2060p.
B 45£17.10£11.6065p.
B 46£17.10£11.6033p.
B 47£54.00£36.0030p.
B 48£13.80£9.2060p.
B 49£15.60`£10.4080p.
B 50£23.40£15.60£1.00
B 51£60.00£1.25
B 52£240.00£160.00£12.00
B 53£120.00£80.00£13.00
B 54 - 60£600.00£200.00
B 54£24.60£16.40£6.75
B 55£42.00£28.00£13.50
B 56£33.00£22.0070p.
B 57£150.00£100.00£32.50
B 58£180.00£120.00£27.50
B 59£120.00£80.00£80.00
B 60£120.00£80.00£60.00
B 61£115.00£75.00£47.50
B 62£120.00£80.00£47.50
B 63£33.00£22.00£35.00
B 64£2.7035p.
B 65£16.20£10.8035p.
B 66£57.00£38.00£11.50
B 67£135.00£90.00£15.00
B 64 - 7£195.00**top value signed
B 68£55.00
B 69£95.00£65.00£125.00
B 70£110.00£75.00£150.00
MS B 70a£780.00£650.00£1 800.00
MS B 70a£700.00**slight crease. Signed.
B 71£85.00£55.00£27.50
B 72£42.00£28.00£27.50
B 73£85.00£55.00£60.00
B 74£48.00£32.00£37.50
B 75£2.10£1.40£5.50
B 76£14.40£9.60£17.00
B 77£8.10£5.40£17.00
B 78£48.00£32.00£60.00
B 79£12.00£8.00£40.00
B 80 - 1£185.00**blocks of four
B 80£21.00£14.00£20.50
B 81£24.60£16.40£27.50
B 82 - 6£55.00
B 82£2.10£1.75
B 83£6.00£4.00£3.40
B 84£20.40£13.50
B 85£54.00£36.00£35.00
B 86£20.40£13.60£13.50
B 87£36.00£24.00£20.50
B 8885p.55p.£1.75
B 89£9.60£6.40£11.50
B 90£14.40£9.60£17.50
B 91 - 100£105.00£35.00
B 9160p.40p.48p.
B 9295p.65p.48p.
B 93
B 94£2.10£1.40£2.00
B 95£2.85£1.9048p.
B 96£14.40£9.60£12.00
B 97£2.40£1.6065p.
B 98£42.00£28.00£5.25
B 99£16.20£10.80£6.75
B 100£24.60£14.40£2.00
B 101 - 5£60.00£32.50
B 101£1.1075p.90p.
B 102£2.10£1.40£1.40
B 103£5.70£3.80£2.75
B 104£9.60£6.40£8.00
B 105£48.00£32.00£23.50
B 10642p.28p.£12.50
B 107£1.2080p.£37.50
B 108£2.40£1.60£37.50
B 109£16.20£10.20£70.00
B 110£8.10£5.40£1.40
B 111£33.00£22.00£25.00
B 112£9.60£6.40£1.40
B 113£8.10£5.40£3.75+ one on piece £3.75
B 113£32.00** unmounted marginal block of four
B 114£3.30£2.20£2.00
B 115£5.10£3.40£4.50
B 116£5.70£3.80£3.75+ block of four used £15.00
B 117£14.40£9.60£23.50
B 118£6.00£4.00£1.40
B 119£95.00£65.00£17.00
B 120£7.20£2.75
B 121£9.60£6.40£3.00+ block of four used £12.00
B 122£7.20£4.80£1.50
B 123£1.2080p.70p.
B 124£7.20£4.80£3.00
B 123 - 4£32.00**unmounted mint block of four
Mi 143 WVR£11.00coil strips - Michel catalogue numbers
Mi 144WVR£11.00
Mi 152WVR£165.00
B 125£18.60£12.40£15.50
B 12675p.50p.70p.
B 127£4.80£3.20£7.50
B 128£6.00£4.00£11.50
B 129 - 31£6.50
B 12985p.55p.£2.00
B 130£1.2080p.£2.40
B 131£1.80£1.20£2.75
B 132£8.10£5.40£2.00
B 13324p.16p.18p.
B 133a24p.18p.
B 133b33p.22p.23p.
B 13424p.16p.18p.
B 13524p.16p.18p.
B 13648p.32p.33p.
B 136a33p.22p.35p.
B 13724p.16p.18p.
B 13848p.32p.20p.
B 13948p.32p.20p.
B 14048p.32p.40p.
B 14195p.65p.80p.
B 142£9.60£6.40£6.50
B 14395p.65p.80p.
B 14495p.65p.80p.
B 145£21.60£14.40£10.50
B 146£2.10£1.40£2.00
B 146a£4.80£3.20£15.00
B 147£1.2080p.65p.
B 148£3.90£2.60£3.25
B 149£2.10£1.40£1.40
B 150£3.60£2.40£4.00
B 151£4.05£2.70£3.75
B 152£2.40£1.60£2.40
B 153£6.60£4.40£8.00
B 154£3,30£2,20£3.00Some used on piece at £3.00
B 15565p.70p.
B 15642p.28p.35p.
B 15785p.55p.70p.
B 158£1.95£1.30£2.00
B 15924p.16p.20p.
B 16024p.16p.20p.
B 16124p.16p.20p.
B 16240p.26p.65p.
B 16385p.55p.80p.
B 16424p.16p.20p.
B 16595p.65p.95p.
B 166£2.40£1.60£2.40
B 16795p.65p.95p.
B 168£4.80£3.20£6.00
B 16995p.65p.£1.00
B 17085p.55p.80p.
B 171£3.30£2.20£3.00
B 172£1.1575p.£1.00
B 173£1.2080p.65p.
B 174£1.65£1.10£2.25
B 17560p.38p.55p.
B 177£1.2080p.£1.40
B 17830p.20p.33p.
B 17930p.20p.33p.
B 18055p.36p.33p.
B 181£2.40£1.60£4.00
B 182£9.00£6.00£9.50
B 18354p.45p.40p.
B 18485p.55p.40p.
B 18540p.26p.40p.
B 185+ block of four used £1.60
B 18640p.26p.40p.
B 186+ block of four used £1.60
B 18760p.38p.60p.
B 187+ block of four used £2.40
B 18824p.28p.
B 18924p.25p.
B 19060p.48p.
B 191£1.40£3.00
B 19230p.20p.33p.
B 192+ block of four used £1.40
B 19340p.26p.33p.
B 19424p.16p.20p.
B 19524p.33p.
B 19624p.33p.
B 19724p.16p.20p.
B 197a95p.65p.
B 19824p.33p.
B 19924p.16p.20p.
B 20024p.33p.
B 20130p.48p.
B 20260p.90p.
B 20342p.90p.
B 20440p.£1.00
B 20560p.£1.00
B 206£3.60£6.75
B 207£1.40£2.90
B 208£2.85£4.40
B 21024p.20p.
B 21124p.20p.
B 21230p.33p.
B 212£1.40**block of four
B 21324p.20p.
B 21424p.20p.
B 21524p.20p.
B 21624p.20p.
B 21724p.20p.
B 21815p.33p.
B 21940p.33p.
B 22048p.40p.
B 22148p.40p.
B 22265p.60p.
B 22385p.70p.
B 22495p.£1.00
B 22565p.48p.
B 22630p.28p.
B 22730p.28p.
B 22824p.20p.
B 22940p.33p.
B 23040p.33p.
B 23124p.20p.
B 23224p.20p.
B 23340p.28p.
B 23455p.80p.
B 23548p.48p.
B 23624p.20p.
B 236a65p.45p.£1.00
B 23724p.20p.
B 23824p.20p.
B 23965p.£1.00
B 240£1.45£1.40
B 241£1.05£1.00
B 242£2.10£3.00
B 243£2.10£1.40
B 24424p.20p.
B 24524p.20p.
B 24624p.20p.
B 24724p.20p.
B 24824p.20p.
B 24924p.20p.
B 25055p.65p.
B 25140p.40p.
B 252£1.65£1.75
B 25385p.70p.
B 254£1.05
B 25560p.70p.
B 25660p.70p.
B 257£1.40£1.15
B 258£2.40£2.00
B 259£2.40£1.75
B 26121p.20p.
B 26221p.20p.
B 26321p.20p.
B 26442p.65p.
B 26524p.20p.
B 26624p.20p.
B 26724p.20p.
B 26824p.20p.
B 26924p.20p.
B 27024p.28p.
B 27130p.33p.
B 27248p.40p.
B 27348p.40p.
B 27460p.70p.
B 27560p.80p.
B 27660p.90p.
B 27721p.20p.
B 27821p.20p.
B 27921p.20p.
B 28036p.65p.
B 28124p.20p.
B 28224p.20p.
B 28324p.20p.
B 28455p.33p.
B 284a£4.35£4.40
B 28524p.
B 28624p.20p.
B 28724p.
B 28848p.65p.
B 28948p.65p.
B 29024p.20p.
B 29140p.20p.
B 29242p.65p.
B 29324p.20p.
B 29424p.20p.
B 29540p.25p.
B 29695p.£1.15
B 29724p.20p.
B 29824p.20p.
B 29924p.20p.
B 30040p.33p.
B 30180p.65p.
B 302£1.20£1.25
B 30330p.33p.
B 30424p.20p.
B 30524p.20p.
B 30624p.33p.
B 30755p.65p.
B 30824p.20p.
B 30940p.40p.
B 31024p.40p.
B 31130p.40p.
B 31255p.80p.
B 313£1.65£1.75
B 31430p.33p.
B 31530p.33p.
B 31624p.20p.
B 31724p.20p.
B 31824p.20p.
B 31948p.65p.
B 32021p.18p.
B 32121p.18p.
B 32221p.18p.
B 32324p.20p.
B 32424p.20p.
B 32555p.33p.
B 32655p.33p.
B 327£1.50£1.50
B 32824p.25p.
B 32930p.45p.
B 33048p.65p.
B 331£1.25£1.25
MS B 332£1.95£1.95
MS B 332
B 33324p.20p.
B 33424p.20p.
B 33555p.50p.
B 336£1.10£1.05
B 33755p.40p.
B 33895p.£1.05
B 33924p.20p.
B 34024p.20p.
B 34140p.33p.
B 342£1.0585p.
B 34340p.25p.
B 34440p.25p.
B 34524p.20p.
B 34640p.40p.
B 34755p.50p.
B 348£1.25£1.25
B 34948p.45p.
B 35024p.18p.
B 35175p.85p.
B 35324p.25p.
B 35580p.45p.
B 356£1.0540p.
B 35755p.20p.
B 35855p.20p.
B 35985p.45p.
B 36075p.50p.
B 36195p.80p.
B 362£1.80£2.00
B 36395p.60p.
B 364£1.20£1.00
B 365£1.2080p.
B 366£1.50£1.25
B 367£1.50£1.25
B 368£1.50£1.00
B 369£2.10£1.65
B 370£1.50£1.40
B 371£1.95£1.50
B 372£1.95£1.15
B 37355p.45p.
B 37424p.20p.
B 37524p.20p.
B 37655p.40p.
B 37795p.90p.
B 37830p.25p.
B 37948p.33p.
B 38055p.45p.
B 38124p.20p.
B 38224p.20p.
B 38324p.20p.
B 38440p.33p.
B 385£1.50£1.15
B 386£1.95£1.65
B 38730p.25p.
B 38830p.25p.
B 38948p.
B 390£1.25£1.10
B 39148p.25p.
B 39280p.50p.
B 39375p.50p.
B 39455p.33p.
MS B 395£1.50£1.40
Stamps from
MS B 395
95p.**used block of four
B 39624p.25p.
B 39724p.20p.
B 397b£1.95£2.25
B 39824p.20p.
B 398a£2.70£ 3.25
B 39940p.50p.
B 40040p.40p.
B 400a£1.95£2.25
B 40140p.45p.
B 401b£2.70£3.25
B 402£1.95£1.00
B 403£1.95£2.25
B 404£1.4090p.
B 405£1.95£1.00
B 406£5.85£5.75
B 40724p.20p.
B 40824p.28p.
B SB 8£10.80
B 40960p.48p.
B 410£1.10£1.00
B 41142p.28p.
B 41248p.33p.
B 41355p.33p.
B 41424p.
B 41530p.
B 41655p.
B 417£1.20£1.15
B 41824p.20p.
B 41948p.48p.
B 42085p.50p.
B 421£1.1595p.
B 42275p.40p.
B 42348p.28p.
B 42436p.30p.
B 42555p.45p.
B 426£1.40£1.15
B 427£1.95£1.65
B 42855p.40p.
B 42965p.40p.
B 43048p.40p.
B 43175p.60p.
B 43295p.90p.
B 433£1.65£1.50
B 43442p.28p.
B 43540p.28p.
B 43680p.40p.
B 437£1.1040p.
B 438£1.2060p.
B 439£1.2060p.
B 44075p.40p.
B 44185p.55p.
MS B 442£3.60
Stamps from
MS B 442
£2.40**block of four
B 44340p.33p.
B 44480p.65p.
B 44585p.80p.
B 446£1.25£1.10
B 44755p.48p.
B 44840p.25p.
B 44940p.33p.
B 45055p.40p.
B 451£2.25£1.40
B 45240p.40p.
B 45340p.40p.
B 45485p.90p.
B 455£1.35£1.20
B 45675p.40p.
B 45740p.33p.
B 45880p.65p.
B 45985p.70p.
B 460£1.20£1.20
B 46185p.80p.
B 462£1.1555p.
B 46348p.40p.
B 46460p.48p.
B 46575p.60p.
B 46685p.48p.
B 46765p.28p.
B 46865p.28p.
B 46995p.70p.
B 470£1.1070p.
B 471£1.45£1.20
B 47285p.55p.
B 47385p.70p.
B 474£1.65£1.15
B 475£2.10£2.00
B 47685p.48p.
B 47755p.33p.
B 47824p.18p.
B 47924p.18p.
B 48024p.18p
B 48130p.20p.
B 48248p.20p.
B 48348p.20p.
B 483a85p.35p.
B 48490p.40p.
B 48590p.20p.
B 48690p.40p.
B 486a£1.40£1.00
B 487£1.2080p.
B 487a£2.25£1.20
B 488£1.20£1.15
B 488a£2.70£1.00
B 489£2.40£1.15
B 489a£2.85£1.75
B 489b£2.85£2.00
B 490£1.6570p.
B 490a£2.40£1.75
B 490b£4.05£2.00
B 490c£4.05£2.00
B 491£5.70£3.40
B 49285p.48p.
B 49385p.55p.
B 49455p.45p.
B 49550p.43p.
B 49665p.55p.
B 497£1.10
B 49885p.70p.
B 49980p.45p.
B 50080p.60p.
B 50165p.60p.
B 50265p.60p.
B 50375p.70p.
B 504£1.45£1.65
B 50585p.35p.
B 50680p.48p.
B 507£1.2565p.
B 50840p.33p.
B 50940p.33p.
B 51065p.70p.
B 51195p.95p.
B 51255p.33p.
B 51380p.33p.
B 51485p.33p.
MS B 51585p.75p.
Stamp from
MS B 515
B 51624p.18p.
B 516a30p.28p.
B 516ab£8.10
B 51724p.18p.
B 517a65p.35p.
B 51827p.20p.
B 518a85p.90p.
B 518c33p.28p.
B 51933p.20p.
B 519a60p.28p.
B 52060p.20p.
B 520a£2.55£1.75
B 520b65p.28p.
B 520ba65p.£1.75
B 521£1.1040p.
B 521a95p.40p.
B 521ab£4.50£7.50
B 522£1.1040p.
B 522a65p.28p.
B 522ab£4.80
B 522b95p.70p.
B 522c£1.1080p.
B 523£1.45
B 524£1.50£1.20
B 524a£2.10£1.40
B 524b£2.10£1.40
B 524c£3.60£2.00
B 524d£3.60£2.00
B 52585p.48p.
B 52665p.35p.
B 52742p.35p.
B 52848p.48p.
B 52985p.80p.
B 530£1.15£1.00
B 53160p.35p.
B 53260p.35p.
B 533£1.8090p.
B 534£1.6560p.
B 53595p.90p.
B 53648p.38p.
B 53775p.55p.
B 53895p.70p.
B 539£1.3580p.
B 54033p.28p.
B 54160p.48p.
B 54265p.70p.
B 543£1.05£1.00
MS B 54485p.85p.
Stamp from
MS B 544
B 54595p.65p.
B 546£1.1590p.
B 54742p.40p.
B 54860p.55p.
B 54975p.70p.
B 550£1.20£1.15
B 55195p.55p.
B 552£1.3595p.
B 55360p.35p.
B 55485p.48p.
B 555£1,1570p.
B 55685p.55p.
B 55748p.40p.
B 55860p.48p.
B 55985p.75p.
B 560£1.20£1.10
B 561£1.4595p.
B 56265p.35p.
B 56385p.55p.
B 56495p.60p.
MS B 56585p.85p.
Stamp from
MS B 565
B 566£1.1560p.
B 56765p.
B 56895p.
B 569£1.20£1.00
B 570£1.65£1.40
B 57195p.
B 572£1.35
B 573£1.20
B 57485p.48p.
B 575£1.1570p.,
B 576£1.1570p.
B 57785p.48p.
B 57842p.20p.
B 57985p.55p.
B 580£1.1570p.
B 581£1.20£1.00
B 58248p.40p.
B 58375p.60p.
B 584£1.1090p.
B 585£1.40
B 586£1.50
B 58795p.70p.
B 588£1.35
B 58975p.
B 59085p.
B 59195p.
B 592£1.40
B 59375p.60p.
B 59485p.70p.
B 595£1.15
B 59685p.48p.
B 59765p.40p.
B 598£1.1055p.
B 599£1.1570p.
B 600£1.1548p.
B 60155p.50p.
B 60285p.70p.
B 60390p.75p.
B 604£1.50
B 60585p.35p.
B 60690p.60p.
B 607£1.2070p.
B 60895p.80p.
B 60995p.
B 61095p.
B 61195p.
B 612£1.1570p.
B 61348p.
B 61475p.
B 61595p.
B 616£1.45
B 61795p.
B 618£1.45
B 61985p.48p.
B 62085p.48p.
B 621£1.3570p.
B 62285p.70p.
B 62385p.70p.
B 62485p.70p.
B 625£1.65
B 62695p.70p.
B 62785p.60p.
B 62860p.35p.
B 62995p.55p.
B 630£1.3595p.
B 631£1.2080p.
B 63265p.60p.
B 63375p.70p.
B 63485p.80p.
B 635£1.45£1.40
B 63695p.70p.
B 637£1.4595p.
B 638£1.2070p.
B 63985p.48p.
B 64095p.60p.
B 641£1.4595p.
B 64295p.80p.
B 64395p.80p.
B 644£1.65£1.40
B 645£2.55£2.15
B 646£1.65£1.10
B 64795p.60p.
B 648£1.1575p.
B 649£1.6580p.
B 65095p.70p.
B 651£1.2070p.
B 652£1.4070p.
B 653£1.65£1.10
B 654£2.40£1.75
B 655£1.80£1.40
B 65685p.48p.
B 657£1.2090p.
B 658£1.4095p.
B 659£3.15£2.25
B 660£1.45£1.00
B 601£2.25£1.75
B 66295p.70p.
B 663£1.1570p.
B 664£1.65£1.15
B 66565p.55p.
B 66695p.80p.
B 667£1.80£1.50
B 668£2.55£2.25
B 66995p.80p.
B 67095p.70p.
B 671£1.3595p.
B 672£1.65£1.20
B 673£2.25£1.75
B 674£1.1055p.
B 675£1.1070p.
B 676£1.65£1.20
B 677£2.40£2.00
B 678£1.6595p.
B 679£1.8095p.
B 680£2.85£2.40
B 681£1.1570p.
B 68295p.60p.
B 683£1.2070p.
B 684£1.801.15
B 685£1.1570p.
B 686£1.5080p.
B 687£1.5080p.
B 688£2.40£1.75
B 689£4.05£3.00
B 690£1.1570p.
B 691£1.1595p.
B 69295p.75p.
B 693£1.80£1.25
B 694£1.45£1.20
B 695£2.40£2.00
B 696£1.4095p.
B 697£1.20£1.00
B 698£1.20£1.00
B 699£1.65£1.50
B 700£3.60£3.25
B 701£1.1575p.
B 702£1.4095p.
B 703£1.1575p.
B 704£1.95£1.40
B 70595p.60p.
B 706£1.20£1.00
B 707£1.65£1.40
B 708£1.65£1.40
B 709£2.10£2.00
B 710£1.2095p.
B 711£1.6595p.
B 712£1.95£1.50
B 713£1.15£1.00
B 714£1.80£1.75
B 715£2.25£2.00
B 716£1.20£1.15
B 717£1.65£1.65
B 718£1.65£1.65
B 719£2.10£1.90
B 72095p.90p.
B 721£1.65£1.15
B 722£1.65£1.15
B 723£1.40£1.15
B 724£1.45£1.20
B 725£1.65£1.40
B 726£1.65£1.15
B 727£1.20£1.00
B 728£1.65£1.40
B 729£1.65£1.40
B 730£1.65£1.75
B 73195p.90p.
B 73242p.£1.90
B 73342p.£1.40
B 734£1.65£3.40
B 735£1.35£3.40
B 736£2.10£2.40
B 737£1.20£3.40
B 738£1.40£2.40
B 739£2.10£1.40
B 740£3.60£10.00
B 741£4.80£3.20£10.00
B 742£2.40£8.00
B 743£3.60£2.40£11.50
B 744£3.45£11.50
B 745£7.80£5.20£19.00
B 746£8.10£5.40£17.00
B 747£5.70£13.50
B 748£9.00£30.00
B 760£1.95£1.40
MS B 761£4.,80
Stamps from
MS B 761
B 762£1.1595p.
B 763£1.65£1.40
B 764£2.10£1.75
B 76595p.£1.00
B 766£1.10£1.00
B 767£1.65£1.50
B 768£1.65£1.40
B 76985p.80p.
B 770£1.40£1.00
B 77195p.90p.
B 772£1.35£1.00
B 77385p.90p.
B 774£1.20£1.15
B 775£1.45£1.50
B 776£1.80£1.75
B 77733p.40p.
B 77842p.35p.
B 778a£1.35£2.40
B 77942p.70p.
B 780£1.1590p.
B 781£1.65£1.90
B 782£1.65£1.00
B 782a£5.25£7.50
B 783£1.65£1.00
B 783a£9.60
B 784£1.65£2.40
B 785£2.25£4.00
B 786£1.65£1.00
B 786a£4.05£9.50
B 787£1.20£1.40
B 787a£7.20£9.50
B 788£2.40£3.00
B 789£2.40£3.75
B 790£4.80£4.00
B 791£4.50£6.75
B 79795p.80p.
B 798£2.10£1.75
B 799£1.45£1.15
B 80095p.80p.
B 801£1.45£1.20
B 802£1.45£1.20
B 803£2.10£1.75
B 804£1.20£1.00
B 805£1.65£1.50
B 806£1.65£1.50
B 807£2.40£2.15
B 808£1.1595p.
B 809£1.2090p.
B 81060p.40p.
B 81175p.48p.
B 81295p.80p.
B 813£1.1595p.
B 814£1.35£1.10
B 815£1.65£1.40
B 816£1.35£1.10
B 817£2.40£2.00
B 818£3.30£3.00
B 819£1.65£1.40
B 820£2.10£1.75
B 821£2.85£2.75
B 822£3.30£3.00
B 823£1.15£1.10
B 824£1.80£1.40
B 825£1.95£1.50
B 826£1.65£1.40
B 827£1.50£1.15
B 828£1.80£1.50
B 82995p.75p.
B 830£1.20
B 831£2.10£1.75
B 832£2.85£2.40
B 833£3.60£3.00
B 834£1.95£1.40
B 835£1.20£1.00
B 836£2.10£1.75
B 837£1.95£1.40
B 838£1.95
B 839£2.40£1.90
B 840£2.10£1.75
B 841£2.85£1.75
B 842£3.30£3.25
B 843£5.70£5.75
B 844£1.80£1.75
B 845£2.70£2.40
B 846£2.70£2.40
B 847£2.70£2.40
B 848£1.80£1.50
B 849£2.10£1.65
B 850£4.05£2.75
B 851£2.85£2.65
B 852£2.10£1.40£2.00
B 853£2.85£2.50
B 854£3.90£2.60£3.25