Table as at 31st July, 2020
D 86£45.00
D 88£9.00
D 212£40.00
D 279£1.40£1.50
D 280£18.00
D 281£17.00
D 282£52.00£27.50
D 283£21.00
D 284£1.50
D 285£7.25
D 286£55.00 + 2 with faults available at £40 each
D 287£1.50
D 288£42.50
D 290£19.00
D 29728p.
D 29814p.28p.
D 299£1.20
D 300£3.5045p.
D 30218p.
D 303£60.00
D 304£3.00
D 305£3.40
D 30630p.
D 306a45p.
D 30745p.
D 30930p.
D 31028p.
D 311£42.50
D 31265p.
D 31370p.
D 31595p.
D 31660p.
D 317£1.20
D 31970p.
D 320£1.75
D 34890p.
D 34930p.
D 350£24.0090p.
D 35130p.
D 352£37.50
D 353£3.00
D 378£2.75
D 379£2.75
D 433£1.80£2.75
D 434£3.20£3.25
D 435£10.40£9.00
D 436£10.40£9.00
D 45495p.
D 455£1.20£1.40
D 45625p.
D 45730p.
D 458£2.25
D 45955p.
D 460£50.00
D 461£18.50
D 471£24.00£9.50
D 472£10.00
D 494£1.20
D 78712p.13p.
D 78810p.13p.
D 78913p.
D 79013p.
D 79218p.
D 79318p.
D 796£1.40
D 797£2.15
D 98820p.
D 98920p.
D 99020p.
D 99120p.
D 99220p.
D 99320p.
D 99435p.
D 995£1.10
D 996£5.25
D 1474£3.3050p.
D 1475£4.80£3.2045p.
D 1476£4.0520p.
D 1477£12.0090p.
D 1478£45.00£1.50
D 165018p.12p.10p.
D 165118p.10p.
D 165224p.16p.20p.
D 165318p.10p.
D 165418p.10p.
D 165524p.20p.
D 165624p.16p.20p.
D 165765p.20p.
D 249312p.10p.
D 249412p.10p.
D 249527p.20p.
D 249645p.20p.
D 249727p.20p.
D 249845p.35p.
D 249990p.55p.
D 2500£1.3535p.
D 2501£1.9555p.
D 2502£1.9535p.
M 309£40.00£4.75
M314£45.00*£4.50* off-centre
M 323£5.50
M 323a£30.00
M 324£36.00£4.75
M 34860p.
M 47160p.
M 51635p.
M 516b48p.
M 51730p.
M 51840p.
M 967£1.65£1.00
M 96845p.20p.
M 166142p.33p.
C 175p.£1.75
C 221p.14p.18p.
C 324p.16p.20p.
C 448p.32p.40p.
C 540p.26p.33p.
C 6£1.1075p.90p.
C 790p.60p.75p.
C 8£1.80£1.20£1.10
C 990p.60p.60p.
C 1075p.50p.60p.
C 11£1.1075p.85p.
C 12£2.10£1.50
C 13£2.10£1.50
C 14£1.1075p.90p.
C 15£3.60£2.40
C 16£1.1075p.85p.
C 17£1.4595p.£1.00
C 18£2.85£1.90£2.40
C 19£4.35£2.90£3.25
C 2075p.60p.
C 2136p.24p.30p.
C 22£1.80£1.20£1.50
C 2375p.60p.
C 2490p.75p.
C 2548p.40p.
C 2675p.50p.60p.
C 2760p.48p.
C 2860p.48p.
C 2975p.60p.
C 3080p.55p.65p.
C 3175p.50p.60p.
C 3280p.65p.
C 3380p.65p.
C 3490p.75p.
C 3590p.75p.
C 36£1.1090p.
C 3775p.50p.60p.
C 3890p.60p.75p.
C 39£1.10
C 4090p.60p.75p.
C 4190p.75p.
C 42£1.0585p.