1953 CoronationSG134£0.65£0.40£0.20
1953/62 Set to £1 (25v) all shades and diesSG135/150£85.00
1953/62 Set to £1 (18v)SG135/150£78.00£45.00£20.00
1953 Royal VisitSG151£0.50£0.35
1953 Three Power TalksSG152/153£0.20£0.15
1956 50th Aniversary of U.S. - Bermuda Yacht RaceSG154/155£0.20
1959 6d definitiveSG156£0.75£0.50£0.15
1959 350th Anniversary of First Settlement (Arms)SG157/162£1.40£0.90
1962/68 Set to £1 (18v)SG163/179£20.00£13.50
1963 Freedom From HungerSG180£0.30£0.20£0.20
1963 Red Cross CentenarySG181/182£0.75£0.50£1.40
1964 Olympic Games, TokyoSG183£0.10
1965 I.T.U. CentenarySG184/185£0.35£0.90
1965 50th Anniversary of Bermuda Boy Scouts AssociationSG186
1965 International Co-operation YearSG187/188£0.35
1966 Churchill CommemorationSG189/192£1.00£2.15
1966 World Cup Football ChampionshipsSG193/194£0.75
1966/69 Set to 2/-, watermark W12 sideways (6v)SG195/200
1966 20th Anniversary of U.N.E.S.C.O.SG201/203£1.00£0.65
1967 Opening of New General Post Office, HamiltonSG204/207£0.25£0.65
1967 Inauguration of Bermuda-Tortola Telephone ServiceSG208/211
1968 Human Rights YearSG212/215£0.15£0.10
1968 New ConstitutionSG216/219£0.15
1968 Olympic Games, MexicoSG220/223
1969 50th Anniversary of Bermuda Girl GuidesSG224/227£0.25
1969 Underwater TreasureSG228/231£0.65£0.45
1970 Decimal Currency set to $2.40 on £1 (17v)SG232/248£8.00£5.50
1970/75 Flowers set to $3 (24v)SG249/265a£25.00
1970 350th Anniversary of Bermuda ParliamentSG266/269
1970 350th Anniversary of Bermuda Parliament M/SSGMS270£0.60
1971 "Keep Bermuda Beautiful"SG271/274
1971 Voyage of the "Deliverance"SG275/278£3.25
1971 Golfing in BermudaSG279/282£2.25£1.75
1971 Anglo-American TalksSG283/286£0.25£0.90
1972 World Fishing RecordsSG287/290£1.25
1972 Royal Silver WeddingSG291/292£0.15£0.30
1973 Tree Planting YearSG293/296£1.10£1.75
1973 Royal WeddingSG297/298£0.15£0.15
1973 Lawn Tennis CentenarySG299/302£0.75£2.10
1974 Definitives (4v)
Watermark W12 upright
1974 50th Anniversary of Rotary in BermudaSG320/323£2.00
1975 World Bridge Championship, BermudaSG324/327£0.65£2.25
1975 Royal VisitSG328/329£0.50£1.40
1975 5oth Anniversary of Air-mail Service to BermudaSG330/333£1.50£3.50
1975 5oth Anniversary of Air-mil Service to Bermuda M/SSGMS334£4.50
1975 Bicentenary of Gunpowder Plot, St. George'sSG335/338£0.50£1.50
1975 Bicentenary of Gunpowder Plot, St. George's M/SSGMS339£1.50
1975/76 Definitives (2v) Watermark W14 sidewaysSG340/341£3.45
1976 50th Anniversary of Bermuda Biological StationSG357/360£1.00£2.75
1976 Tall Ships RaceSG361/366£2.25£7.50
1976 75th Anniversary of the St. George's v. Somerset Cricket cup MatchSG367/370£1.15£0.75
1977 Silver JubileeSG371/373£0.30£0.70
1977 Centenary of U.P.U. MembershipSG374/378£0.60£1.30
1977 PilotingSG379/383£2.15£3.50
1978 25th Anniversary of CoronationSG384/386£0.50
1978/79 Set Wildlife to to $5 (17v)SG387/403£11.00£8.00£12.50
1983 3c perf 14x14.5SG387b£1.50
1979 Antique MapsSG404/408£0.60£0.70
1979 Centenary of Police ForceSG409/412£1.00£1.00
1980 Death Centenary of Sir Roland HillSG413/416£0.50£0.75
1980 "London 1980" International Stamp Exhibition. Mail-carrying TransportSG417/420£1.35£1.75
1980 Miss World CommemorationSG421/424£0.60
1980 QAueen Mother's 80th BirthdaySG425£0.15£0.50
1980 Commonwealth Finance Ministers MeetingSG426/429£0.35£1.15
1981 Heritage WeekSG430/435£1.20£2.35
1981 Royal WeddingSG436/438£0.50£0.60
1981 25th Anniversary of Duke of Edinburgh Award SchemeSG439/442£0.50£0.80
1982 Sea shellsSG443/446£1.15
1982 Bermuda RegimentSG447/452£2.25£1.25£4.50
1982 Historic Bermuda FortsSG453/456£1.00£0.50£2.25
1983 Coats of Arms (1st series)SG457/460£2.75£5.50
1983 Fitted DinghiesSG461/464£1.40£0.75£2.25
1983 Bicentenary of Manned FlightSG465/468£2.75£1.50£3.75
1984 Bicentenary of Bermuda's First Newspaper and Postal ServiceSG469/472£1.60£1.00
1984 375th Anniversary of First SettlementSG473/476£1.70£1.00£4.00
1984 375th Anniversary of First Settlement M/SSGMS477£2.00
1984 Olympic Games, Los AngelesSG478/481£2.00
1984 Coats of Arms (2nd Series)SG482/485£2.65£1.50£3.35
1985 Bermuda ArchitectureSG486/489£1.75£2.75
1985 Birth Bicentenary of John J. AudubonSG490/493£3.25
1985 Life and Times of the Queen MotherSG494/497£1.25
1985 Life and Times of the Queen Mother M/SSGMS498£2.00
1985 Coats of Arms (3rd series)SG499/502£2.50
1985 Appearance of Halley's CometSG503/506£3.75£5.00
1986/88 Ships Wrecked on Bermuda set to $8 (19v)SG507A/523A£28.00
1989/90 Ships Wrecked on Bermuda set to $3 (5v) with imprint dateSG507B/521B£7.50
1986 QEII 60th BirthdaySG524/528
1986 Ameripex '86 International Stamp Exhibition, ChicagoSG529/532
1986 Ameripex '86 International Stamp Exhibition, Chicago M/SSGMS533£4.50
1986 25th Anniversary of World Wildlife Fund surchargeSG534£2.00
1987 Transport (1st series) Bermuda RailwaySG535/538£5.25
1987 Bermuda Paintings (1st series) Works by Winslow Homer sheet stampsSG539/548
1987 50th Anniversary of Inauguration of Bermuda - U.S.A. Air ServiceSG549/552£7.00
1987 Centenary of Bermuda Telephone CompanySG553/556£3.25
1988 Transport (2nd series) Horse-drawn Carts and WagonsSG557/560
1988 Old Garden Ross (1st series)SG561/565£3.25
1988 300th Anniversary of Lloyd's of LondonSG566/569£3.50
1988 Military UniformsSG570/573£5.00
1989 Transport (3rd series) Ferry ServicesSG574/577£2.15£1.25
1989 150 Years of PhotographySG578/583£4.50
1989 Old Garden Roses (2nd series)SG584/588£4.00
1989 Old Garden Roses (3rd series) Booklet paneSG589/598
1989 150th Anniversary of Bermuda LibrarySG599/602£3.00
1989 Commonwealth Postal ConferenceSG603/606£4.50
1990 Bermuda Paintings (2nd series)SG607/610£2.50
1990 Stamp World '90 International Stamp Exhibition, LondonSG611/614£4.00
1990 Surcharges (3v)SG615/617
1990 Centenary of Cable and Wireless in BermudaSG618/621
1991 Bush/Major Talks in BermudaSG622/623£2.50
1991 Transport (4th series) Horse-drawn CarriagesSG624/629£5.00
1991 Bermuda Paintings (3rd seie)SG630/633
1991 QEII 65th BirthdaySG634/635£1.25
1991 QEII 65th Birthday sheetlet (5 sets)SG634/635
1991 50th Anniversary of WWIISG636/639
1992 40th Anniversary of QEII accession to the ThroneSG640/644£2.50
1992 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by ColumbusSG645/650
1992 Stained Glass WindowsSG651/654
1992 7th World Congress of Kennel ClubsSG655/660£7.00
1993 Definitives to $8 (7v) Watermark W14 sideways with imprint dateSG664/678
1993 Tourism Posters by Adolph TreidlerSG679/682
1993 Garden Roses (4th series)SG683/686
1993 75th Anniversary of Royal Air ForceSG687/690£4.00
1993 Bicentenary of HamiltonSG691/694£5.50
1994 75th Anniversary of Furness Line's Bermuda CruisesSG695/698£3.50
1994 Royal VisitSG699/701£4.00
1994/96 Flowering Fruits set to $8 (17v)
* 3 L/V LMM
1996 18c imprint 1996SG706B£0.75
1994 Centenary of Hospital CareSG719/722£4.75
1994 Cultural Heritage (1st series)SG723/726£4.50
1995 25th Anniversary of Decimal CurrencySG727/730
1995 Cultural Heritage (2nd series)SG731/734£3.75
1995 375th Anniversary of Bermuda ParliamentSG735/736
1995 Military BasesSG737/742£4.25
1996 Olympic Games, AtlantaSG743/746£3.75
1996 Panoramic Paintings of Hamilton and St. George's - booklet paneSG747/756£8.00
1996 Capex '96 International Stamp Exhibition, Toronto, Local TransportSG757/760£5.25
1996 LighthousesSG761/764£5.00
1996 Commonwealth Finance Ministers MeetingSG765£1.25£1.50
1996 Architectural HeritageSG766/769£4.50
1997 HONG KONG '97 International Stamp ExhibitionSG770/773£6.75
1997 Bird ConservationSG774/777
1997 QEII Golden WeddingSG778/779£1.65£2.35
1997 QEII Golden Wedding M/SSGMS780£1.90
1997 EducationSG781/786
1998 Princess Diana Commemoration M/SSGMS787£0.75
1998 Paintings by Catherine and Ethel TuckerSG788/791£4.75
1998 Flowering Fruit set to $1 (8v) Watermark W16 and imprint date (* H/V U/M)SG792/804£3.00*
1998 Hospitality in BermudaSG809/814£4.50
1998 Centenary of Botanical GardensSG815/818£4.50£5.00
1998 Christmas. Children's PaintingsSG819/820£1.40£0.75£0.80
1998 Bermuda BeachesSG821/824£3.25
1999 30th Anniversary of First Manned Landing on the MoonSG825/828£3.75£4.00
1999 30th Anniversary of First Manned Landing on the Moon M/SSGMS829£1.65
1999 Centenary of First Digital Map of BermudaSG830/833£4.50
1999 Bermuda Postal HistorySG834/837£4.50
2000 Pioneers of ProgressSG838/840£1.25£2.00
2000 Tall Ships Rce`SG841/843£2.50£2.50
2000 Royal Birthdays`SG844/848£4.00
2000 Royal Birthdays M/SSGMS849
2000 Christmas. Children's PaintingsSG850/851£1.25£0.70
2001 Endangered Species. Bird ConservationSG852/855£1.75
2001 Endangered Species. Bird Conservation M/SSGMS856£7.50
2001 Historic Buildings, St. George'sSG857/862£5.50£5.25
2001 Centenary of the Anglo-Boer WarSG863/866£2.75
2001 75th Anniversary of the Bermuda AquariumSG867/872£4.50£4.50
2001 Paintings of Charles Lloyd TuckerSG873/876£4.25
2002 Golden JubileeSG877/880
2002 Golden Jubilee M/SSGMS881
2002 CavesSG882/885£4.00
2002 Centenary of Bermuda Cup Cricket MatchSG886/887£1.50£1.50
2002 Centenary of Bermuda Cup Cricket Match M/SSGMS888£1.75
2002 Queen Mother CommemorationSG889/890£1.75£1.75
2002 Queen Mother Commemoration M/SSGMS891£2.25
2002 Shells set to $8 (18v) *Values to 45c LMM, high values U/M)SG892/909£20.00*
2002 World Peace DaySG910/911£1.75£1.75
2003 Centenary of Bermuda Biological Research StationSG912/915£4.75£4.25
2003 Heritage. Made in Bermuda (1st series)SG916/919£3.50£3.25
2003 50th Anniversary of the CoronationSG920/921£1.00£0.95
2003 50th Anniversary of the Coronation M/SSGMS922
2003 30th Anniversary of CARICOMSG923/924£1.75
2003 Christmas Greetings. PoinsettiasSG925/927£1.75£1.75
2004 Royal Navy Dockyard, BermudaSG928/933£4.75
2004 Heritage. Made in Bermuda (2nd series)SG934/937£2.25£2.25
2004 Endangered Species. Bluefin TunaSG938/941£2.50
2004 Endangered Species Bluefin Tuna (Sheetlet 4 sets)SG938/941£10.00
2004 5oth Anniversary of the Orchid SocietySG942/945£4.00£3.50
2005 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Bermuda by Juan de BermudezSG946/950£6.25£5.50
2005 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Bermuda by Juan de Bermudez M/SSGMS951£8.00
2005 Heritage. Made in Bermuda (3rd series)SG952/955£3.25£3.50
2005 Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar`SG956/959£3.50£3.00
2005 Bermuda Habitats. Scenes from dioramas in Bermuda Natural History MuseumSG960/965£6.00£5.00
2005 Christmas Greetings. Festival of LightsSG966/968£1.50£1.50
2006 Centenary of Bermuda Electric Light CompanySG969/972£3.25£3.25
2006 QEII 80th BirthdaySG973/976£4.00£3.75
2006 QEII 80th Birthday M/SSGMS977
2006 Washington '06 International Stamp ExhibitionSG978£1.25£1.40
2006 Washington '06 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS979
2006 Heritage. Made in Bermuda (4th series)SG980/983£4.75£4.25
2006 Christmas Greetings. Advert WreathsSG984/987£3.50£2.00
2007 Pioneers of Progress (2nd series)SG988/992£1.00£2.00
2007 Spirit f Bermuda. Sail training schoonerSG993/998£5.00£5.50
2007 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia, USASG999/1000£3.00£2.50
2007 Centenary of World ScoutingSG1001/1004£3.25£3.50
2007 Centenary of World Scouting M/SSGMS1005£4.00
2008 Bermuda Calypso MusicSG1006/1009£3.25£3.50
2008 160th Anniversary of the Perot StampSG1010/1013£4.75£5.00
2008 Bermuda ScenesSG1014/1017£3.00
2008 Pioneers of Progress 3rd series)SG1018/1019£1.25
2008 Olympic Games, BeijingSG1020/1023£3.50
2008 Christmas GreetingsSG1024/1027£1.60
2009 400th Anniversary of the Settlement of BermudaSG1028/1031£4.50
2009 International Year of Astronomy. 40th Anniversary of the Moon LandingSG1032/1036£5.00£5.25
2009 International Year of Astronomy. 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing M/SSGMS1037
2009 Centenary of Bermuda Marathon DerbySG1038/1041£3.25£3.25
2009 Tall Ships ChallengeSG1042/1047£6.00£6.00
2009 50th Anniversary of Theatre BoycottSG1048/1051£3.25£3.25
2009 Christmas Greetings. Tree DecorationsSG1052/1055£1.25£1.75
2010 Centenary of Girl GuidingSG1056/1059£3.00£3.00
2010 Centenary of Girl Guiding M/SSGMS1060£1.50
2010 African Diaspora Heritage TrailSG1061/1064£4.25£3.75
2010 Endangered Species. Lined SeahorseSG1065/1068£4.50£3.50
2010 Endangered Species. Lined Seahorse (Sheetlet 4 sets)SG1065/1068£18.00
2010 Pioneers of Progress (4th series) Dockyard ApprenticesSG1069/1072£4.00£3.50
2011 A Lifetime of ServiceSG1073/1078£5.00£4.50
2011 A Lifetime of Service M/S SGMS1079
2011 A Lifetime of Service M/SSGMS1080
2011 Pioneers of Progress (5th series) PilotingSG1081/1084£4.00£3.50
2011 Casemates Barracks, Bermuda DockyardSG1085/1088£4.25£3.75
2011 Royal Wedding M/SSGMS1089£4.25
2012 Diamond JubileeSG1090/1095£7.00£6.00
2012 Diamond Jubilee M/SSGMS1096£6.50
2012 Diamond Jubilee M/SSGMS1097£3.50
2012 Bicentenary of Bermuda Postal ServiceSG1098/1103£7.25
2012 25th Anniversary of Masterworks Museum of Bermuda ArtSG1104/1109£7.00
2012 400th Anniversary of St. Peter's Church, St. George'sSG1110/1113£4.50£4.25
2013 60th Anniversary of the CoronationSG1114/1118£3.75£3.00
2013 60th Anniversary of the Coronation M/SSGMS1119£4.00
2013 Bermuda Beaches (2nd series)SG1120/1123£4.75£5.00
2013 Bermuda Folklife (1st series)SG1124/1127£5.00
2013 Mystery RosesSG1128/1131£2.75
2014 Eastern BluebirdSG1132/1135£4.25
2014 Bermuda in Bloom set to $10 (17v)SG1136/1152£30.00
2014 Bermuda RosesSG1153/1162£8.00£5.50
2015 Lefroy Botanicals. Paintings by Charlotte Anna LefroySG1163/1172£9.50
2015 50th Anniversary of the Bermuda RegimentSG1173/1177£4.75£4.50
2015 Reef FishSG1178/1182£5.50
2015 150th Anniversary of First Bermuda Postage StampSG1183/1187£4.75
2016 Centenary of W0rld War OneSG1188/1193£8.50
2016 Lifecycle of the Monarch ButterflySG1194/1197£5.00
2016 Lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly M/SSGMS1198
2017 QEII Britain's Longest Reigning MonarchSG1199/1201£3.50
2017 Tall ShipsSG1202/1205£5.50
2017 25th Anniversary of Bermuda National GallerySG1206/1209£5.50
2018 50th Anniversary of Bermuda Turtle ProjectSG1210/1213£5.50
2018 50th Anniversary of Bermuda Turtle Project M/SSGMS12142.15
2018 Royal WeddingSG1215/1217£3.75
2018 Cedar Handle BagsSG1218/1221£6.25
2018 Centenary of Royal Air ForceSG1222/1225£5.50
2019 Historic HomesSG1226/1229£6.25
2019 Hand Crafted HatsSG1230/1233£5.00
2019 Bermuda Floating DockSG1234/1237
2019 170th Anniversary of the Arrival of Portuguese ImmigrantsSG1238/1239
2020 Bridges (1st series)SG1240/1243
2020 400th Anniversary of House of Assembly of Bermuda ParliamentSG1244/1247
2022 Centenary of St. George's Historical SocietySG1262/1265
2022 Platinum Jubilee M/SSGMS1266
2022 The St. David's Pow WowSG1267/1270
1996 $22 orange & blueSGE1£16.00
2003 $25 black, blue & violetSGE2