1949 International Recognition of RepublicSG146/147£2.75£2.15
1949 Death Centenary of James Clarence Mangan (poet)SG148£0.75£0.50£0.20
1950 Holy YearSG149/151£4.00£12.50
1952 Death Centenary of Thomas Moore (poet)SG152/153£1.00
1953 'An Tostal' (Ireland at Home) FestivalSG154/155£7.50£15.00
1953 150th Death Anniversary of Robert Emmet (patriot)SG156/157£6.00
1954 Marian YearSG158/159£1.35£1.50
1954 Centenary of Founding of Catholic University of IrelandSG160/161£4.00£3.75
1956 Barry CommemorationSG162/163£1.50£4.00
1957 Birth Centenary of John Redmond (politician)SG164/165£5.00£3.50£8.00
1957 Birth Centenary of Thomas O'Crohan (author)SG166/167£0.65£2.25
1957 Death Centenary of Admiral William BrownSG168/169£8.75£8.50
1957 300th Death Anniversary of Father Luke Wadding (theologian)SG170/171£6.75£4.50£4.25
1958 Birth Centenary of Thomas J. Clarke (patriot)SG172/173£1.85£4.50
1958 Death Anniversary of Mother Mary Aikenhead (foundress of Irish Sisters of Charity)SG174/175£3.75£4.50
1958 21st Anniversary of the Irish ConstitutionSG176/177£0.55£2.15
1959 Bicentenary of Guinness BrewerySG178/179£5.50
1960 World Refugee YearSG180/181£0.50£0.35
1960 EUROPASG182/183£6.00£8.50
1961 25th Anniversary of Aer LingusSG184/185£1.75£1.20
1961 15th Death Centenary of St. PatrickSG186/188£2.50£1.65
1962 Death Centenaries of John O'Donovan and Eugene O'Curry Scolars)SG189/190£0.75£0.50
1962 EUROPASG191/192£0.75£1.25
1963 Freedom From HungerSG193/194£1.75
1963 EUROPASG195/196£2.15£2.25
1963 Red Cross CentenarySG197/198£0.75
1964 Birth Bicentenary of Theobald Wolfe Tone (revolutionary)SG199/200£1.20
1964 New York Worlds' FairSG201/202£1.25
1964 EUROPASG203/204£3.25£3.00
1965 ITU CentenarySG205/206£0.75
1965 Birth Centenary of W. B. Yeats (poet)SG207/208£1.65
1965 International Co-operation YearSG209/210£0.80£1.65
1965 EUROPASG211/212£3.75£2.25
1966 50th Anniversary of Easter Rising (pairs)SG213/220£3.00
1966 50th Death Anniversary of Roger Casement (patriot)SG221/222
1966 EUROPASG223/224£1.50£1.75
1966 750th Anniversary of Ballintubber AbbeySG225/226£0.15
1966/67 3d and 5d definitives (smaller design)SG227/228£0.30£0.15
1967 EUROPASG229/230£1.25£1.95
1967 Canadian CentennialSG231/232£0.15
1967 International Tourist YearSG233/234£0.15
1967 Centenary of Fenian RisingSG235/236£0.15
1967 300th Birth Anniversary of Jonathan SwiftSG237/238£0.15
1968 EUROPASG239/240£0.65£0.75
1968 800th Anniversary of St. Mary's Cathedral, LimerickSG241/242£0.15
1968 Birth Centenary of Countess Markievicz (patriot)SG243/244£0.40
1968 Birth Centenary of James Connolly (patriot)SG245/246£0.20
1968/70 set to 10/- (wmk W22)SG247/262£8.50
1968 Human Rights YearSG263/264£0.15£0.25
1969 50th Anniversary of First National ParliamentSG265/266£0.15
1969 EUROPASG267/268£1.15£1.85
1969 50th Anniversary of I.L.O.SG269/270£0.20
1969 Contemporary Irish Art (1st issue)SG271£0.15
1969 Birth Centenary of Mahatma GandhiSG272/273£0.75£0.50
1970 European Conservation YearSG274/275£0.25£0.45
1970 EUROPASG276/278£1.50£1.50
1970 250th Anniversary of Royal Cork Yacht ClubSG279£0.10£0.10
1970 Contemporary Irish Art (2nd issue)SG280£0.10£0.10
1970 50th Death Anniversary of Irish Patriots (pairs)SG281/284£3.50
1970 50th Death Anniversary of Kevin Barry (patriot)SG285/286£0.35£0.60
1971 Decimal Set to 50p ( with watermark W22) (18v)SG287/301£14.00£3.75
1971 EUROPASG302/303£1.75£1.40
1971 Birth Centenary of J. M. Synge (playwrite)SG304/305£0.35£0.45
1971 Contemporary Irish Art (3rd issue)SG306£0.25£0.25
1971 Racial Equality YearSG307/308£0.35£0.40
1971 ChristmasSG309/310£0.35£0.45
1972 World Health DaySG311/312£0.70£1.20
1972 EUROPASG313/314£5.00£2.50
1972 Patriot Dead 1922/23SG315/316£0.35£0.30
1972 Contemporary Irish Art (4th issue)SG317£0.30£0.15
1972 50th Anniversary of Olympic Council of IrelandSG318/319£0.35£0.50
1972 ChristmasSG320/322£0.65£0.50
1972 50th Anniversary of First Irish Postage StampSG323£0.30£0.30
1972 50th Anniversary of First Irish Postage Stamp M/SSGMS324£2.00
1973 Entry into European CommunitiesSG325/326£0.55£0.80
1973 EUROPASG327/328£3.25£1.65
1973 Contemporary Irish ArtSG329£0.20£0.15
1973 Centenary of IMO/WMOSG330/331£0.70£1.00
1973 World Ploughing Championships, Wellington BridgeSG332/333£0.55£0.30
1973 ChristmasSG334/335£0.60£0.80
1974 150th Anniversary of RNLISG336£0.15£0.15
1974 EUROPASG337/338£3.25£1.30
1974 Set to £1 (29v)SG339/359
1974 Death Bicentenary of Oliver Goldsmith (writer)SG360/361£0.50£0.50
1974 Contemporary Irish Art (6th issue)SG362£0.20£0.15
1974 Centenary of Irish Rugby FootballSG363/364£1.25£1.40
1974 Centenary of Irish Rugby Football (shade)SG363a£3.00
1974 Centenary of Universal Postal UnionSG365/366£0.30£0.30
1974 ChristmasSG367/368£0.35£0.50
1975 International Women's YearSG369/370£0.35£1.00
1975 EUROPASG371/372£3.75£1.25
1975 Ninth European Amateur Golf Team Championship, KillarneySG373/374£1.15£0.95
1975 Contemporary Irish Art (7th issue)SG375£0.40£0.35
1975 Bicentenary of Presentation Order of NunsSG376/377£0.25£0.20
1975 European Architectural Heritage YearSG378/381£0.60£0.85
1975 Canonisation of Oliver PlunkettSG382/383£0.35£0.25
1975 ChristmasSG384/386£0.50£0.35
1975 Birth Centenary of James Larkin (Trade Union Leader)SG387/388£0.30£0.30
1976 Centenary of the TelephoneSG389/390£0.30£0.30
1976 Bicentenary of the American RevolutionSG391/394£0.50£0.95
1976 Bicentenary of the American Revolution M/SSGMS395£1.50
1976 EUROPA, Irish DelftSG396/397£2.00£0.90
1976 Contemporary Irish Art (8th issue)SG398£0.30
1976 50th Anniversary of the Irish Broadcasting ServiceSG399/400£0.40£0.55
1976 ChristmasSG401/403£0.40£0.35
1977 Centenaries of National Library and National MuseumSG404/405£0.35£0.30
1977 EUROPASG406/407£3.00£0.90
1977 Contemporary Irish Art (9th issue)SG408£0.35£0.35
1977 Scouting and GuidingSG409/410£0.55£0.80
1977 AnniversariesSG411/412£0.40
1977 Golden JubileesSG413/415£0.50
1977 ChristmasSG416/418£0.50£0.70
978 50th Anniversary of the First East-West Transatlantic FlightSG419/420£0.30£0.60
1978 Wild FlowersSG421/424£0.55
1978 Anniversaries and EventsSG425/427£0.55
1978 Arrival Offshore of Natural GasSG428£0.15£0.15
1978 50th Anniversary of Irish CurrencySG429/432£0.50£0.80
1978 ChristmasSG433/435£0.35£0.75
1978 EUROPASG436/437£1.50£0.95
1979 Seventh World Cross-country Championships, LimerickSG438£0.10£0.15
1979 First Direct Elections to European AssemblySG439/440£0.15£0.25
1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland HillSG441£0.15£0.30
1979 BirdsSG442/445£0.90
1979 International Year of the ChildSG446/448£0.35£0.75
1979 Visit of Pope John Paul IISG449£0.15£0.10
1979 Anniversaries and EventsSG450/452£0.35
1979 Birth Centenary of Patrick Pearse (patriot)SG453£0.15£0.10
1979 ChristmasSG454/455£0.20£0.30
1979 EUROPASG456/457£1.50£0.85
1980 Centenary of Arrival of De La Salle OrderSG458£0.15£0.15
1980 EUROPA PersonalitiesSG459/460£1.65£1.50
1980 WildlifeSG461/464£0.50£1.40
1980 Wildlife M/SSGMS465£0.50£1.40
1980 Traditional Music and DanceSG466/468£0.35£0.60
1980 Commemorations`SG469/470£0.25
1980 ChristmasSG471/473£0.35£0.70
1981 Irish Science and TechnologySG474/477£0.50£1.10
1981/82 Set to 29p (6v)SG478/483£3.00
1981 EUROPA FolkloreSG491/492£1.75£0.80
1981 50th Anniversary of An Oige (Irish Youth Hostel AssociationSG493/496£0.50£1.10
1981 150th Birth Anniversary of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa (politician)SG497£0.20£0.15
1981 Contemporary Irish Art (12th series)SG498£0.50£0.35
1981 150th Death Anniversary of James Hoban (White House architect)SG499£0.30£0.15
1981 Famous Irish HorsesSG500/504£1.50£2.25
1981 ChristmasSG505/507£0.65£0.80
1981 AnniversariesSG508/509£0.50£0.30
1982 50th Anniversary of Killarney National ParkSG510/511£0.60£0.90
1982 Religious AnniversariesSG512/513£0.50£0.60
1982 EUROPA Historic EventsSG514/515£5.00£4.00
1982 Anniversaries of Cultural FiguresSG516/519£0.95
1982 Marine LifeSG520/523£1.00
1982 Irish BoatsSG524/527£1.00
1982 Bicentenary of Grattan's Parliament and Birth Centenary of Eamon de ValeraSG528/529£0.35£0.80
1982 ChristmasSG530/531£0.30£0.60
1983 Irish Architecture set to £5 (28v)SG532/551£22.50
1983 Bicentenaries of Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Bank of IrelandSG552/553£0.30£0.60
1983 AnniversariesSG554/555£0.70
1983 EUROPASG556/557£4.75£3.00
1983 Irish DogsSG558/562£1.75
1983 Irish Dogs M/SSGMS563£3.00£4.00
1983 Anniversaries and CommemorationsSG564/568£1.50
1983 World Communications YearSG569/570£1.00
1983 Irish HandicraftsSG571/574£1.50
1983 ChristmasSG575/576£0.50£0.30
1984 150th Anniversary of Irish RailwaysSG577/580£1.50£2.50
1984 150th Anniversary of Irish Railways M/SSGMS581£2.00£2.50
1984 Irish TreesSG582/585£1.25
1984 150th Anniversary of St. Vincent's Hospital and Bicentenary of Royal College of SurgeonsSG586/587£1.00£0.90
1984 EUROPASG588/589£3.75£2.40
1984 Second Direct Elections to European AssemblySG590£0.50£0.35
1984 Birth Centenary of John McCormack (tenor)SG591£0.25£0.35
1984 Olympic Games, Los AngelesSG592/594£0.65£1.25
1984 Centenary of Gaelic Athletic AssociationSG595/596£0.55£0.90
1984 AnniversariesSG597/598£0.55£1.00
1984 Bicentenary of the Irish Post OfficeSG599£0.30£0.35
1984 ChristmasSG600/602£0.70£1.15
1985 Greetings StampsSG603/604£0.55£0.75
1985 AnniversariesSG605/608£1.40
1985 ButterfliesSG609/612£3.00
1985 EUROPA, Irish ComposersSG613/614£4.00£3.25
1985 European Music YearSG615/617£1.75
1985 AnniversariesSG618/620£0.90
1985 International Youth YearSG621/622£0.55£0.50
1985 Industrial InnovationSG623/625£0.90
1985 Christmas 22p sheetlet (16 stamps)SG626£4.00
1985 ChristmasSG626/629£1.25
1986 Greetings StampsSG630/631£0.75£0.90
1986 FernsSG632/634£1.25
1986 EUROPA Protection of the EnvironmentSG635/636£12.00£3.25
1986 50th Anniversary of Aer Lingus (Airline)SG637/638£1.90
1986 Irish WaterwaysSG639/641£2.15
1986 150th Anniversary of British and Irish Steam Packet CompanySG642/643£0.80£0.80
1986 Irish LighthousesSG644/645£2.00
1986 Anniversaries and CommemorationsSG646/650
1986 Birith Bicentenary of William Mulready (artist) and Charles Bianconi (Irish m ail coach service)SG651/653£1.40
1986 ChristmasSG654/655£0.85£1.00
1986 Christmas 21p in sheetlet of 12 stampsSG654a£6.00
1987 Greetings StampsSG656/657£1.00£1.25
1987 Irish TramsSG658/661£1.90
1987 Irish Trams M/SSGMS662
1987 AnniversariesSG663/666£1.25£2.25
1987 EUROPA Modern ArchitectureSG667/668£4.75£3.50
1987 Irish CattleSG669/672£1.75
1987 FestivalsSG673/676£2.00
1987 Anniversaries and CommemorationsSG677/680£1.75
1987 ChristmasSG681/683£0.95£1.25
1987 Christmas 21p in sheetlet of 14 with centre labelSG681a£4.00
1988 Greetings StampsSG684/685£0.75£0.60
1988 Bicentenary of Australian SettlemetSG686/687£1.15
1988 Dublin MillenniumSG688£0.20£0.25
1988 Dublin Millennium pane (4 stamps plus Gaelic text)SG688a£1.00
1988 Dublin Millennium pane (4 stamps plus English text)SG688a£1.00
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul (pair)SG689/690£1.00
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul (sheetlet of 5 pairs)SG689a£5.00
1988 Anniversaries and EventsSG691/693£1.00
1988 EUROPA Transport and CommunicationsSG694/695£2.75£2.00
1988 Transatlantic Transport AnniversariesSG696/697£1.40
1988 Endangered Flora of IrelandSG698/700£1.15
1988 Irish Security Forces (strip)SG701/704£1.25
1988 Irish Security Forces sheetlet (5 strips)SG701/704£8.00
1988 AnniversariesSG705/706£0.85£0.85
1988 25th Death Anniversary of John F. KennedySG707£0.50£0.40
1988 ChristmasSG708/711£1.25
1988 Christmas 21p in sheetlet of14 stamps plus labelSG708£5.50
1989 Greetings StampsSG712/713£0.75£0.55
1989 National Parks and GardensSG714/717£2.25£1.90
1989 Classic Irish CarsSG718/721£1.65£1.90
1989 Classic Irish Card booklet paneSG718a`£1.00
1989 Classic Irish Cars booklet paneG718b£1.75
1989 EUROPA Children's GamesSG722/723£0.90£1.50
1989 EUROPA Children's Games in sheetlets of 10SG722/723£8.50
1989 Anniversaries and EventsSG724/725£1.10£0.85
1989 1300th Death Anniversary of Saints Killan, Totnan and ColmanSG726£0.20£0.55
1989 Bicentenary of Irish Mail Coach ServiceSG727£0.75£0.40
1989 Anniversaries and CommemorationsSG728/731£2.75£3.00
1989 First Irish Entry in Whitbread Round the World Yacht RaceSG732£0.75£0.65
1989 Game BirdsSG733/736

1989 Game Birds M/SSGMS737£2.50
1989 ChristmasSG738/741£1.75£2.00
1989 Christmas 21p in sheetlet of 14 plus labelSG738£7.50
1990 European EventsSG742/743£1.65£1.80
1990 Greetings StampsSG744/745£1.50£1.25
1990 Irish Heritage set to £5 (22v)SG746/765£17.50
1990 Irish Heritage set to £5 Enschede printing (6v)SG751B/765B£15.00
1990 Greetings StampsSG766/769
1990 Greetings Stamps booklet paneSG766a£3.75
1990 Greetings Stamps booklet pane, values reversedSG766a£3.75
1990 World Cup Football Championships, Italy, pairsSG770/771£1.50£2.00
1990 World Cup Football Championships, Italy
sheetlet (4 pairs plus label)
1990 300th Anniversary of the Williamite Wars (1st issue) pairsSG772/773£1.75
1990 150th Anniversary of the Penny BlackSG774/775£1.00£1.50
1990 EUROPA Post Office BuildingsSG776/777£1.40
1990 Anniversaries and EventsSG778/780£1.25
1990 Garden FlowersSG781/784£1.75
1990 Garden Flowers booklet paneSG781a£1.75
1990 Garden Flowers booklet paneSG781b
1990 Irish Theatre (strip of 4)SG785/788£2.25
1990 ChristmasSG789/792£1.75
1990 Christmas 26p sheetlet of 12 stampsSG789£4.50
1991 Greetings StampsSG793/794£0.90£1.00
1991 Early BicyclesSG795/797£1.65
1991 Early Bicycles M/SSGMS798£1.75£2.00
1991 75th Anniversary of the Easter RisingSG799£0.50£0.70
1991 Dublin 1991 European City of CultureSG800/803£1.75£2.65
1991 EUROPA Europe in SpaceSG804/805£1.25£2.00
1991 EUROPA Europe in Space sheetlets of 10SG804/805£11.00
1991 300th Anniversary of the Williamite Wars (2nd issue) pairsSG806/807£1.25£1.75
1991 Enschede printings to 32p (3v)SG808/810
1991 AnniversariesSG811/813£2.00
1991 Golf CommemorationsSG814/815£1.15£0.90
1991 Irish SheepSG816/818£2.00£2.75
1991 Fishing FleetSG819/822£2.25
1991 Fishing Fleet booklet pane (PhilaNippon 91)SG819a£3.50
1991 32p Enschede self-adhesive perf 10.5SG823£0.75£0.40
1991 32p Enschede self-adhesive perf 10x9SG823a"0.50
1991 ChristmasSG827/830
1991 Christmas28p sheetlet (13 stamps plus 2 labels)SG827a£5.50
1992 Greetings StampsSG831/832£1.10£1.10
1992 Healthy Living CampaignSG833£0.65£0.45
1992 Olympic Games, BarcelonaSG834/835£0.90
1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona M/S SGMS836£2.40
1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona M/S (Chicago Stamp Exhibition Logo)SGMS836£2.50
1992 Irish Maritime HeritageSG837/838£1.25
1992 Bicentenary of Galway Chamber of Commerce and IndustrySG839£0.50£0.40
1992 Greetings Stamps
booklet pane
1992 EUROPA 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by ColumbusSG844/845£1.65£1.95
1992 EUROPA 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of America by Columbus sheetlets of 10SG844/845£16.00
1992 Irish Immigrants in the Americas (pair)SG846/847£1.75£1.75
1992 Endangered Species. Pine MartinSG848/851£2.75£2.75
1992 Dublin AnniversariesSG852/855£2.00£2.75
1992 Single European MarketSG856£0.30£0.40
1992 Irish Agriculture (strip of 4)SG857/860£2.25£2.25
1992 ChristmasSG861/864£2.00£2.00
1992 Christmas 28p sheetlet of 13 plus 2 labelsSG861£5.00
1993 Greetings StampsSG865/866£1.00£0.90
1993 Irish Impressionist PaintersSG867/870£1.90£2.75
1993 Irish OrchidsSG871/874£2.75
1993 Irish Orchids M/SSGMS875£2.50£3.00
1993 EUROPA Contemporary ArtSG876/877£0.95
1993 EUROPA Irish Contemporary Art in sheetlets of 10 stamp plus 2 labelsSG876.877£9.00
1993 Centenary of Conradh Na Gaelige (cultural organisation)SG878/879£1.20
1993 Centenary of Irish Amateur Swimming Association (pair)SG880/881£1.00
1993 Anniversaries and EventsSG882/885£2.25£2.25
1993 Irish BusesSG886/889£2.75
1993 Irish Buses booklet block of 4SG886a£1.50
1993 ChristmasSG890/893£2.25
1994 Greetings StampsSG894/895£1.00£0.90
1994 Greetings Stamps (strip of 4)SG896/899£2.00£2.75
1994 Hong Kong 1994 International Stamp ExhibitionSGMS900£3.25£4.25
1994 Anniversaries and EventsSG901/904£3.50
1994 EUROPA St. Brendan's VoyagesSG905/906£1.15
1994 EUROPA St. Brendan's Voyages sheetlets (10 sets)SG905/906£11.00
1994 EUROPA St. Brendan's Voyages M?SSGMS907£1.40
1994 Parliamentary AnniversariesSG908/909£0.90
1994 Sporting Anniversaries and EventsSG910/913£3.00
1994 MothsSG914/917£2.00
1994 Moths M/SSGMS918£1.75
1994 Moths M/S Korea '94 International Stamp ExhibitionSGMS918£2.00
1994 Moths self-adhesive strips of 4SG919/922£2.50£2.50
1994 Anniversaries and EventsSG923/927$3.75
1994 Irish Nobel Prize WinnersSG928/931£1.50
1994 ChristmasSG932/935£1.85
1995 Greetings Stamps (strip of 4)SG936/939£2.25
1995 Chinese New Year. Year of the Pig M/SSGMS940£2.50£2.25
1995 Transport. Narrow 1Gauge RailwaysSG941/944£2.65
1995 Transport. Narrow Gauge Railways M/SSGMS945£2.00
1995 Singapore '95 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS945£2.50
1995 World Cup Rugby Championships, South AfricaSG946/947£1.20
1995 World Cup Rugby Championships, South Africa M/SSGMS948£1.50
1995 EUROPA Peace and FreedomSG949/950£1.15
1995 EUROPA Peace and Freedom sheetlets of 10SG949/950£10.00
1995 EUROPA Peace and Freedom self-adhesivesSG951/952
1995 250th Anniversary of the Battle of FontenoySG953£0.65
1995 Military UniformsSG954/958£2.50
1995 Centenary of RadioSG959/960
1995 AniversariesSG961/964£2.00
1995 Reptiles and Amphibians (strips of 4)SG965/968£2.00
1995 Reptiles and Amphibians sheetlet (4 sets)SG965/968£8.00
1995 Reptiles and Amphibians self-adhesives (strips of 4)SG969/972£2.20
1995 Bicentenary of National Botanic Gardens, GlasnevinSG973/975£2.00
1995 50th Anniversary of United NationsSG976/977£1.00£1.00
1995 50th Anniversary of United Nations sheetlets of 10SG976/977£10.00
1995 ChristmasSG978/981£2.65£2.25
1996 Greetings Stamp (strip of 4)SG982/985
1996 Chinese New Year. Year of the Rat M/SSGMS986£1.50
1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games, AtlantaSG987/990£1.50
1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta sheetlet (3 strips)SG988/990£3.50
1996 Irish Horse RacingSG991/995£2.50
1996 Festival of Contemporary Irish Arts, FranceSG996£0.40
1996 EUROPA Famous WomenSG997/998£1.00
1996 EUROPA Famous Women sheetlets (10 sets)SG997/998£9.00
1996 EUROPA Famous Women self-adhesivesSG999/1000£1/10£1.20
1996 Anniversaries and EventsSG1001/1002£1.10
1996 CHINA '96 Ninth Asian International Stamp Exhibition, PekingSGMS1003
1996 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races, Irish WinnersSG1004/1007£2.65
1996 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races, Irish Winners M/SSGMS1008£1.00
1996 Anniversaries and EventsSG1009/1012
1996 50th Anniversary of Irish Naval ServiceSG1013/1015£1.85
1996 People with Disabilities (pair)SG1016/1017£1.25£1.25
1996 Freshwater DucksSG1018/1021£2.50£2.65
1996 Freshwater Ducks M/SSGMS1022£2.25
1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema (strip of 4)SG1023/1026£1.70
1996 Centenary of Irish Cinema sheetlet (4 strips)SG1023/1026£6.00
1996 ChristmasSG1027/1030£1.75£1.85
1997/2000 Birds set to £5 (32v)SG1031/1062£26.00
1997/98 Birds Booklet stamps perf 14x15 (6v)SG1080/1085
1997/98 Birds self-adhesives perf 9x10 (4v)SG1086/1089£3.50
1997/98 Birds self-adhesives perf 11.5 (4v)SG1090/1093
1997 Greetings StampsSG1100/1103
1997 Hong Kong '97 International Stamp ExhibitionSGMS1104£1.50
1997 75th Anniversary of the Irish Free StateSG1105/1116£6.50
1997 75th Anniversary of the Irish Free State M/SSGMS1117£6.00
1997 Marine MammalsSG1118/1121£2.15
1997 Marine Mammals M/SSGMS1122£3.00
1997 Millenary of Irish CoinageSG1123£0.35
1997 EUROPA Tales and LegendsSG1124/1125£1.00
1997 EUROPA Tales and Legends sheetlets of 10SG1124/1125£10.00
1997 EUROPA Tales and Legends self-adhesivesSG1126/1127£1.50
1997 150th Anniversary of the Great FamineSG1128/1130£2.00
1997 Pacific '97 International Stamp Exhibition, San Francisco M/SSGMS1131£2.50
1997 AnniversariesSG1132/1135£2.25
1997 LighthousesSG1136/1139£2.25
1997 Ireland - Mexico Joint Issue. 150th Anniversary of Mexican St. Patrick's BattalinSG1140£0.30
1997 Centenary of Publication of Bram Stoker's DraculaSG1141/1144£1.60
1997 Centenary of Publication of Bram Stoker's Dracula M/SSGMS1145£1.75
1997 Christmas. Stained Glass WindowsSG1146/1148£1.50
1997 Christmas. Stained Glass Windows self-adhesiveSG1149£0.40
1998 Greetings Stamps sheetlet (1st series)SG1150/1153
1998 Chinese New Year. Year of the Tiger M/SSGMS1154£2.50
1998 Pioneers of Irish AviationSG1155/1158£2.00
1998 Equestrian SportsSG1159/1162£2.00
1998 Equestrian Sports M/SSGMS1163£2.00
1998 Bicentenary of United Irish RebellionSG1164/1168£2.50
1998 Bicentenary of United Irish Rebellion SheetletsSG1164/1168£12.00
1998 EUROPA FestivalsSG1169/1170£1.50£0.90
1998 EUROPA Festivals self-adhesivesSG1171/1172£1.50£1.00
1998 Greetings Stamps sheetlet (2nd series)SG1173/1176£1.50
1998 Visit of Tour de France Cycle Race to Ireland strip of 4SG1177/1180£1.75£1.75
1998 Visit of Tour de France Cycle Race to Ireland sheet (4 sets)SG1177/1180£6.00
1998 Democracy AnniversariesSG1181/1184
1998 Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race, DublinSG1185/1188£2.25
1998 Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race, Dublin booklet paneSG1185ba£1.50£1.75
1998 Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race, Dublin booklet paneSG1186ba£1.75
1998 Cutty Sark International Tall Ships Race, Dublin self-adhesive stripSG1189/1192£1.50£2.00
1998 Irish Postboxes Strip of 4SG1193/1196£1.50
1998 Irish Postboxes sheet (3 strips of 4)SG1193/1196£4.50
1998 AnniversariesSG1197/1199£1.50
1998 Portugal '98 International Stamp Exhibition, Lisbon M/SSGMS1200
1998 Endangered AnimalsSG1201/1204£3.00
1998 Endangered Animals M/SSGMS1205£2.00£2.50
1998 Endangered Animals M/S Stampa '98SG1205 (a)£2.25
1998 ChristmasSG1206/1208£1.25
1998 Christmas self-adhesiveSG1209£0.40£0.30
1999 Greetings Stamps Pets sheetletSG1210/1213
1999 Greetings Stamp 30p value in sheet of 16SG1210£6.00
1999 Chinese New Year, Year of the RabbitSGMS1214£2.00
1999 Irish Actors and ActressesSG1215/1217£1.35£1.50
1999 Irish Actors and Actresses in sheets of 16SG1215/1217£20.00
1999 Ireland-USA Joint Issue - Irish EmigrationSG1218£0.65£0.65
1999 Maritime HeritageSG1219/1222£2.25
1999 Maritime Heritage M/SSGMS1223£2.25
1999 Ireland-Australia Joint Issue - Polly Woodside (barque)SGMS1224
1999 Birth Centenary of Sean Lemass (politician)SG1225£0.65
1999 Birth Centenary of Sean Lemass (politician) sheet of 16SG1225£11.00
1999 Introduction of Single European CurrencySG1226£0.40
1999 Introduction of Single European Currency sheet of 16SG1226£6.00
1999 50th Anniversary of the Council of EuropeSG1227£0.50
1999 50th Anniversary of the Council of Europe sheet of 16SG1227£8.00
1999 EUROPA Parks and GardensSG1228/1229£1.00
1999 EUROPA Parks and Gardens sheets of 10SG1228/1229£10.00
1999 EUROPA Parks and Gardens self-adhesivesSG1230/1231£1.50
1999 Centenary of Pioneer Total Abstinence AssociationSG1232£0.40
1999 Centenary of Pioneer Total Abstinence sheet of 16SG1232£6.00
1999 International Year of Older PersonsSG1233£0.35
1999 International Year of Older Persons sheet of 16SG1233£5.50//////////////////////////////////////////
1999 125th Anniversary of U.P.U. pairSG1234/1235£1.50
1999 Gaelic Athletic Association Millennium Football Team (sheetlet)SG1236/1250£6.00£6.00
1999 Gaelic Athletic Association Millennium Football Team self-adhesivesSG1251/1265
1999 Commercial AviationSG1266/1269£1.50
1999 Extinct Irish AnimalsSG1270/1273£1.75
1999 Extinct Irish Animals M/SSGMS1274£1.50£1.75
1999 Extinct Irish Animals self-adhesive stripsSG1275/1278£1.50£2.00
1999 Christmas. Children's Nativity PlaysSG1279/1281£1.25
1999 Christmas. Children's Nativity Plays self-adhesiveSG1282£0.35
1999 New Millennium (1st issue) Famous People of the 20th Century sheetletSG1283/1288£10.00£12.00
2000 New Millennium (2nd issue) Irish Historic Events sheetletSG1289/1294£10.00£12.00
2000 Greetings Stamps - Mythical Creatures sheetSG1295/1298
2000 Chinese New Year Year of the Dragon M/SSGM1299£1.50
2000 New Millennium (3rd issue) Discoveries sheetletSG1300/1305£10.00£12.00
2000 Completion of Jeanie Johnston ReplicaSG1306£0.40
2000 EUROPASG1307
2000 EUROPA self-adhesiveSG1308£0.40£0.30
2000 Death Centenary of Oscar Wilde (writer)SG1309/1312£2.75
2000 Death Centenary of Oscar Wilde (writer) M/SSGMS1313£2.25
2000 Death Centenary of Oscar Wilde (writer) M/S The Stamp Show LondonSM1313 (a)£2.25£2.50
2000 New Millennium (4th issue) The Arts
2000 Olympic Games, SydneySG1321/1324£1.75£2.00
2000 Stampin' the Future (children's stamp design competition)SG1325/1328£1.65£1.75
2000 Hurling Team of the Millennium sheetletSG1329/1343£5.00£7.00
2000 Hurling Team of the Millennium self-adhesivesSG1344/1358
2000 ButterfliesSG1359/1362£2.50£2.50
2000 Butterflies M/SSGMS1363£2.00£2.35
2000 Military Aviation pairsSG1364/367£2.75
2000 Military Aviation self-adhesive strips of 4SG1368/1371£2.50£2.50
2000 Centenary of An Roinn Talmhaiochta (Department of Agriculture)SG1372£0.60
2000 ChristmasSG1373/1375£1.25
2000 Christmas 30p sheet of 16SG1373£5.00
2000 Christmas self-adhesiveSG1376£0.40
2000 New Millennium (5th issue) World Events sheetSG1377/1382£8.00