F 121p.14p.18p.GENERAL ISSUES as at 10th July 2024
F 221p.14p.18p.
F 321p.14p.18p.
F 421p.14p.18p.
F 5£10.80£7.20£45.00
F 621p.14p.18p.
F 721p.14p.18p.
F 821p.14p.18p.
F 921p.14p.18p.
F 1021p.14p.18p.
F 11£3.45£2.30£15.00
F11£300.00On 1946 registered cover. Michel 11EF
F 12£3.45£2.30£45.00
F 13£3.75£2.50£55.00
FB 124p.16p.33p.BADEN
FB 224p.16p.33p.
FB 324p.16p.33p.
FB 424p.16p.33p.
FB 524p.16p.33p.
FB 624p.16p.£1.25
FB 724p.16p.33p.
FB 824p.16p.33p.
FB 924p.16p.
FB 1024p.16p.
FB 1124p.16p.£1.65
FB 1224p.16p.£1.65
FB 1330p.20p.65p.
FB 1424p.25p.
FB 1524p.25p.
FB 1636p.24p.25p.
FB 1736p.24p.25p.
FB 1845p.30p.50p.
FB 1955p.25p.
FB 20£1.1095p.
FB 21£1.1075p.25p.
FB 2236p.95p.
FB 23£1.1575p.£1.65
FB 24£3.75£2.5080p.
FB 25£5.25£3.5050p.
FB 26£6.90£4.60£3.75
FB 27£6.00£4.00£3.75
FB 28£1.1575p.45p.
FB 2980p.55p.38p.
FB 3090p.60p.50p.
FB 31£24.00£16.00£11.50
FB 3275p.90p.
FB 33£3.00£2.0045p.
FB 3495p.33p.
FB 35£57.00
FB 36£9.00£6.00£5.00
FB 37£57.00£38.00£65.00
FB 38£13.80£9.20£32.50
FB 39£13.80£9.20£32.50
FB 40£13.80£9.20£32.50
FB 41£15.00£10.00£37.50
MS FB 41a£57.00£47.50£210.00
MS FB 41b£57.00£47.50
FB 42£18.60£12.40£65.00
FB 43£18.60£12.40£65.00
FB 44£18.60£12.40
FB 45£18.60£12.40
MS FB 45a£70.00
FB 46£19.40£13.20
FB 47£7.50£5.00
FB 48£9.00£6.00
FB 49£12.00£8.00
FB 50£9.00£6.00£24.00
FB 51£9.00£6.00£24.00
FB 52£10.80£7.20
FB 53£3.45£9.50
FB 54£4.95£3.30£9.00
FB 55£4.95£3.30£9.00
FB 54 & 55*£18.00*on piece
FB 56£5.25£3.50£9.00
FB 57£5.25£3.50£7.50
FR 224p.16p.25p.
FR 324p.16p.25p.
FR 424p.16p.25p.
FR 524p.16p.25p.
FR 5a£1.50£1.65
FR 624p.16p.
FR 724p.16p.25p.
FR 824p.16p.25p.
FR 924p.16p.
FR 1024p.16p.50p.
FR 1126p.16p.
FR 1224p.16p.25p.
FR 1324p.16p.50p.
FR 1430p.20p.
FR 1530p.20p.
FR 1624p.16p.
FR 1724p.16p.25p.
FR 1840p.26p.25p.
FR 1940p.26p.25p.
FR 20£1.1575p.
FR 20a£2.50£2.50
FR 2140p.26p.25p.
FR 22£1.1575p.33p,
FR 23£1.50£1.0033p.
FR 2440p.95p.
FR 2560p.40p.£1.15
FR 26£3.00£2.0050p.
FR 27£7.50£5.0050p.
FR 28£4.95£3.30£4.75
FR 29£5.25£3.50£4.75
FR 30£1.95£1.30£47.50
FR 31£1.95£1.30£47.50
FR 3275p.50p.30p.
FR 3375p.30p.
FR 3475p.50p.48p.
FR 34a£4.25
FR 35£25.20£16.80£12.00
FR 36£45.00£300.00
FR 3795p.65p.30p.
FR 3895p.30p.
FR 39£3.60£2.40£3.00
FR 40£4.35
FR 41£7.20£4.80£12.00
FR 42£15.60£10.40
FR 43£15.60£10.40
FR 44£15.60£10.40
FR 45£15.60£10.40
FR MS 45a£70.00
FR 46£5.70£3.80£14.50
FR 47£5.70£3.80£14.50
FR 48£10.20£6.80£32.50
FR 46 - 8*£56.00* blocks of four
FR 49£7.80£5.20£15.00
FR 50£7.80£5.20£15.00
FR 51£5.70£3.80£9.00
FR 52£5.70£3.80£8.00
FW 121p.14p.48p.
FW 221p.14p.25p.
FW 321p.14p.30p.
FW 421p.14p.25p.
FW 521p.14p.35p.
FW 621p.95p.
FW 721p.14p.95p.
FW 821p.25p.
FW 921p.14p.95p.
FW 1021p.14p.
FW 1136p.24p.£1.10
FW 1236p.24p.£1.10
FW 1336p.24p.£1.10
FW 1 - 13*£12.00*blocks of four
FW 1421p.14p.30p.
FW 1521p.14p.25p.
FW 1621p.14p.30p.
FW 1721p.14p.25p.
FW 1875p.50p.30p.
FW 19£1.1075p.48p.
FW 20£1.1048p.
FW 21£2.10£1.4048p.
FW 22£1.1075p.£1.75
FW 2385p.55p.£1.20
FW 24£1.80£1.2090p.
FW 25£10.80£7.2048p.
FW 26£2.85£1.90£3.65
FW 27£2.85£1.90£3.65
FW 2865p.48p.
FW 29£1.4030p.
FW 30£3.60
FW 31£4.80£4.50
FW 32£4.80
FW 33£4.4030p.
FW 34£4.8030p.
FW 35£18.00£12.00£30.00
FW 36£36.00£24.00£30.00
FW 37£36.00£8.00
FW 38£7.20£4.80£18.00
FW 39£7.20£4.80£18.00
FW 40£28.80£19.20
FW 41£28.80£19.20
FW 42£28.80£19.20
FW 43£28.80£19.20
FW MS 43a£110.00£90.00
FW 44£6.60£4.40£15.00
FW 45£9.60£6.40£21.00
FW 46£9.60£6.40£30.00
FW 47£4.65£3.10£10.00
FW 48£4.65£3.10£10.00
FW 49£5.70£9.50
FW 50£5.70£3.80£9.50
FW 51£4.65£3.10£8.00
FW 52£4.65£3.10£7.25
We have American and Russian Zone stamps available. Please enquire.