1953 CoronationSG291£0.75£0.50£0.10
1953/58 Set to 10R (15v)SG292/306£39.00£22.00£12.50
1961 150th Anniversary of the British Post Office in MauritiusSG307/310£0.60£0.40£0.60
1963 Freedom From HungerSG311£0.20£0.15£0.10
1963 Red Cross CentenarySG312/313£0.40£0.25£0.15
1963/65 Set to 2R50 Wmk W12 (3v)SG314/316£8.50£5.50£4.75
1965 Birds set to 10R (15v)SG317/331£35.00£24.00£30.00
1965 ITU CentenarySG332/333£0.456£0.30£0.15
1965 International Co-operation YearSG334/335£0.25£0.15£0.15
1966 Churchill CommemorationSG336/339£2.00
1966/67 values Wmk W12 sideways (2v)SG340/341£0.65£0.45
1966 20th Anniversary of UNESCOSG342/344£0.90£0.60£0.25
1967 Self-GovernmentSG345/348£1.25£0.85£1.50
1967 Self-Government set to 10R (Birds) (15v)SG349/363£9.00
1968 IndependenceSG364/369£1.65
1968 Birds set to 1R (6v) change of colourSG370/375£7.50£9.00
1968 Bicentenary of Bernardin de St. Pierre's Visit to MauritiusSG376/381£2.75
1968 Bicentenary of Bernardin de St. Pierre's Visit to Mauritius M/SSGMS382
1969 Fish set to 10R on chalk-surfaced paper (18v) Wmk W12SG382/399
1971/73 set to 5R on glazed ordinary paper (8v)SG388a/398a
1969 Birth Centenary of Mahatma GhandhiSG400/405£2.50£1.50
1969 Birth Centenary of Mahatma Ghandhi M/SSGMS406£6.50
1969 150th Anniversary of Telfar's Improvements to the Sugar IndustrySG407/411£0.30
1969 150th Anniversary of Telfar's Improvements to the Sugar Industry M/SSGMS412£0.75£1.15
1970 World Fair, OsakaSG413/414£015
1970 Inauguration of Lufthansa Flight, Mauritius - FrankfurtSG415/416£0.25
1970 Birth Centenary of LeninSG417/418£0.15
1970 Port Louis, Old and NewSG419/423£1.40
1970 Port Louis, Old and New M/SSGMS424£2.50
1970 25th Anniversary of the United NationsSG425/426£0.25
1971 TourismSG427/430£0.60£0.40£0.80
1971 25th Anniversary of Plaisance Civil AirportSG431/434£2.00£1.35£2.25
1971 25th Anniversary of Plaisance Civil Airport 1R value inverted wmk.SG433w£1.75£2.00
1971 Third Commonwealth Medical ConferenceSG435/436£0.30£0.15
1972/74 Fish set to 10R (18v) WMK w12 change SG437/454£15.00£25.00
1972/74 Fish set to 75c on chalk-surfaced paper (7v)SG437a/450b£5.00
1972 Royal VisitSG455/456£1.15£1.10
1972 150th Anniversary of Port Louis TheatreSG457/458£0.25£0.15£0.15
1972 Pirates and PrivateersSG459/462£3.50£2.35£4.00
1973 Fifth Anniversary of IndependenceSG463/465£0.30£0.20
1973 O.C.A.M. ConferenceSG466/467£030£0.20£0.25
1973 20th Anniversary of W.H.O.SG468£0.10£0.10
1973 I.M.O./W.M.O. CentenarySG469£0.15
1974 Birth Bicentenary of Robert Surcouf (privateer)SG470£0.25£0.45
1974 Death Bicentenary of Philbert CommersonSG471£0.15
1974 Eighth F.A.O. Regional Conference for AfricaSG472£0.10£0.10
1974 Centenary of the U.P.U.SG473/47430.50£0.35£0.15
1975/77 Fish set to 10R (17v) Wmk W14SG475/491£35.00£23.50£24.00
1975 Aspects of Mauritian LifeSG493/496£0.85£0.50
1975 French speaking Parliamentary Assemblies Conference, Port LouisSG497
1975 International Women's YearSG498£0.20£0.15
1976 Drought in AfricaSG499/500£0.30
1976 Mail Carriers to MauritiusSG501/505£4.00
1976 Mail Carriers to Mauritius M/SSGMS506£5.00
1976 Second World Hindi ConventionSG507/509£0.30£0.80
1976 22nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Association ConferenceSG510/5110.50£1.15
1976 Moenjodaro Excavations, PakistanSG512/514
1977 Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture, NigeriaSG515
1977 Silver JubileeSG516/518£0.40£0.45
1977 Indigenous FlowersSG519/522£1.15
1977 Indigenous Flowers M/SSGMS523£2.00
1977 Inaugural International Flight of Air MauritiusSG524/527£2.50£2.00
1977 Inaugural international Flight of Air Mauritius 5R inverted wmk. SG527w£6.50
1977 Inaugural International Flight of Air Mauritius M/SSGMS528£4.50
1978 Set to 25R (20v) no imprint datesSG529A/548A£12.00£18.00
1983/85 Set to 5R (9v) with imprint datesSG529B/545B
1978 25th Anniversary of the Coronation (strip of 3)SG549/551£0.35£0.60
1978 25th Anniversary of the Coronation (sheetlet)SG549/551
1978 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of PenicillinSG552/555
1978 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of Penicillin M/SSGMS556£5.00
1978 Endangered SpeciesSG557/560£8.50
1978 Endangered Species M/SSGMS561£25.00
1978 Bicentenary of Reconstruction of Chateau Le ReduitSG562/564£0.25
1979 Railway LocomotivesSG565/568£0.90
1979 Railway Locomotives M/SSGMS569£1.65
1979 Beautification of Father Laval (missionary)SG570/572£0.60
1979 Beautification of Father Laval (missionary) M/SSGMS573£1.50
1979 10th Anniversary of the Moon LandingSG574/576
1979 Death Centenary of Rowland HillSG577/579£0.90
1979 Death Centenary of Rowland Hill M/SSGMS580£0.80
1979 International Year of the ChildSG581/585£0.70
1980 Pamplemousses Botanical GardensSG586/590
1980 Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens M/SSGMS591
1980 London 1980 International Stamp ExhibitionSG592/595£1.20
1980 Birth Centenary of Helen KellerSG596/599
1980 80th Birthday of PM Sir Seewoosagur RamgoolamSG600
1980 Centenary of Mauritius InstituteSG601/604
1981 FlowersSG605/608£1.35
1981 Coats of Arms of Mauritius TownsSG609/613
1981 Coats of Arms of Mauritius Towns M/SSGMS614
1981 Royal WeddingSG615/617
1981 Famous Politicians and PhysicianSG618/624
1981 Religion and CultureSG625/627£1.35
1981 25th Anniversary of Duke of Edinburgh Award SchemeSG628/631£0.50
1981 Moslem Year 1400 A.H. CommemorationSG632/634
1982 75th Anniversary of the Boy Scout MovementSG635/638
1982 150th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's VoyageSG639/642
1982 21st Birthday of Princess of WalesSG643/646£1.25
1982 Birth of Prince William of WalesSG647£0.65£0.35
1982 Centenary of Robert Koch's Discovery of Tubercle BacillusSG648/652
1983 Commonwealth DaySG653/656
1983 World Communication YearSG657/660
1983 Namibia DaySG661/664
1983 Fishery ResourcesSG665/668
1983 Death Centenary of Swami DayanandaSG669/673
1983 125th Anniversary of the Arrival in Mauritius of Aldof von PlevitzSG674/677
1984 Mauritius KestrelSG678/681
1984 250th Anniversary of Lloyds ListSG682/685£3.25
1984 Palm TreesSG686/690
1984 150th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery and of the Introduction of Indian ImmigrantsSG691/694£5.50
1984 Centenary of Alliance Francaise (cultural organisation)SG695/698
1985 Life and Times of Queen MotherSG699/702
1985 Life and Times of Queen Mother M/SSGMS703
1985 2nd Indian Ocean Islands GamesSG704/707
1985 Endangered Species, Pink PigeonSG708/711£16.00£11.00£10.00
1985 10th Anniversary of World Tourism OrganisationSG712/715
1985 250th Anniversary of Port LouisSG716/719
1986 Appearance of Halley's CometSG720/723
1986 QEII 60th BirthdaySG724/728
1986 International EventsSG729/732£5.00
1986 OrchidsSG733/736
1986 35c (SG533B) with 1986 imprintSG737
1987/89 set to 25R Wmk W16 (7v)SG740/757
1987 Mauritius BridgesSG758/762
1987 Bicentenary of the Mauritius BarSG763/766
1987 International Festival of the SeaSG767/770£6.00
1987 IndustralisationSG771/775
1987 Art and ArchitectureSG776/780
1988 20th Anniversary of IndependenceSG781/785£2.25
1988 40th Anniversary of World Health OrganizationSG786/789£2.50
1988 150th Anniversary of Maritius Commercial Bank Ltd.SG790/793£3.25£2.25
1988 Olympic Games, SeoulSG794/797£1.75
1990 Protection of the Environment set to 25R (6v) Wmk W14 without imprint dateSG798A/807A
1991/98 Protection of the Environment set to 25R (11v) W14 with imprint dateSG798B/807B
1990/91 Protection of the Environment set to 15R (9v) Wmk W16 without imprint dateSG808A/816A
1996/98 Protection of the Environment set to 25R (2v) Wmk W16 with imprint dateSG812B/817B
1989 Bicentenary of the French RevolutionSG818/821£3.00
1989 Visit of Pope John Paul IISG822/826£6.00
1989 Birth Centenary of Jawaharlal Nehru Indian statesman)SG827/831£10.00£6.50
1990 350th Anniversary of Introduction of Sugar Cane in MauritiusSG832/835£5.50
1990 60th Birthday of Prime Minister Sir Anerood JugnauthSG836/840£8.50
1990 AnniversariesSG841/844£4.25
1990 International Literacy YearSG845/848£9.00£8.00
1990 QEII 65th Birthday and Prince Philip's 70th Birthday Horizontal pair)SG849/850£1.75
1990 QEII 65th Birthday and Prince Philip's 70th Birthday (sheet of 5 sets)SG849/850£10.00
1991 Anniversaries and EventsSG851/854
1991 Phila Nippon '91 International Stamp Exhibition, Tokyo (Butterflies)SG855/858
1991 Indian Ocean IslandsSG859/862
1992 Proclamation of RepublicSG863/866
1992 8th African Athletics Championships, Port LouisSG867/870£1.40
1992 Local Events and AnniversariesSG871/875£4.00
1992 25th Anniversary of the Bank of MauritiusSG876/879
1993 25th Anniversary of National DaySG880/884£1.50
1993 25th Anniversary of Air Mauritius Ltd.SG885/888£5.50
1993 25th Anniversary of Air Mauritius Ltd. M/SSGMS889
1993 Surcharge 40c/75cSG890
1993 5th Summit of French Speaking NationsSG891/894£4.50£3.00
1993 Centenary of TelecommunicationsSG895/898
1994 MammalsSG899/902£4.00
1994 Anniversaries and EventsSG903/906£1.75
1994 250th Anniversary of the Wreck of St. Geran (sailing packet)SG907/910£1.65
1994 250th Anniversary of the Wreck of St. Geran (sailing packet) M/SSGMS911£2.75
1994 Children's Games and PastimesSG912/915£1.50£2.25
1995 SpicesSG916/919
1995 5oth Anniversary of the End of WWIISG920/922£2.75
1995 AnniversariesSG923/925£2.00
1995 LighthousesSG926/929
1995 Lighthouses M/SSGMS930
1995 50th Anniversary of the United NationsSG931/934£1.75
1995 Inauguration of Common Market for Eastern and Southern AfricaSG935/938
1996 SnailsSG939/942
1996 Centenary of Modern Olympic GamesSG943/946£1.50
1996 ShipsSG947/950£2.25
1996 Ships M/SSGMS951£2.00£2.75
1996 150th Anniversary of the Post Office OrdinanceSG952/955£1.50
1997 FruitsSG956/959
1997 Aspects of Mauritius HistorySG960/964£4.00
1997 150th Anniversary of POST OFFICE StampsSG965/968£3.50
1997 150th Anniversary of POST OFFICE Stamps M/SSGMS969
1997 Small BusinessesSG970/973£2.75£3.25
1998 GeckosSG974/977
1998 Inland TransportSG978/981£2.00
1998 State Visit of President Nelson Mandela of South AfricaSG982
1998 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Landing on MauritiusSG983/986£3.25
1998 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Landing on Mauritius M/SSGMS987£3.00
1988 WaterfallsSG988/991
1998 25th Anniversary of Chateau Le ReduitSG992/995
1999 300th Birth Anniversary of Governor Mahe de la BourdonnaisSG996
1999 Local PlantsSG997/1000£1.25
1999 Mauritius through Local Artists' EyesSG1001/1004
1999 Old Sugar Mill ChimneysSG1005/1008
1999 Old Sugar Mill Chimneys M/SSGMS1009
1999 20th Century AchievementsSG1010/1013
2000 150th Anniversary of Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and IndustrySG1014/1017
2000 BeetlesSG1018/1021£1.75
2000 Beetles M/SSGMS1022
2000 Olympic Games, SydneySG1023/1026
2000 Birth Centenary of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (former Prime Minister)SG1027/1030
2000 Fish set to 25R (12v)SG1031/1042£4.50
2000 Fish set to 25R (3 M/S)SGMS1043
2000 Famous MauritiansSG1044/1047
2001 Textile IndustrySG1048/1051
2001 TreesSG1053/1056£2.50
2001 Bicentenary of Baudin's Expedition to New Holland (Australia)SG1057/1060£2.50
2001 Economic Achievements during the 20th CenturySG1061/1064
2001 Centenary of Gandhi's Visit to MauritiusSG1065£1.50
2001 Coconut IndustrySG1066/1069£2.00
2002 Tenth Anniversary of RepublicSG1070/1073£2.00
2002 CicadasSG1074/1077£1.50
2002 16th Century Maps of the South-west Indian OceanSG1079/1082£2.50
2003 Endangered Species - Echo ParakeetSG1089/1092£2.75
2003 TrochetiasSG1093/1096
2004 24th Southern African Development Community SummitSG1114/1115£2.50
2004 Rodrigues Regional AssemblySG1116/1119£2.00
2005 Round IslandSG1124/1127£3.00£3.00
2005 Postal ServicesSG1128/1131£2.25
2005 Stone BuildingsSG1132/1134£1.50£1.75
2005 Model ShipsSG1135/1138£2.50
2005 Model Ships M/SSGMS1139£1.75£2.00
2006 Bicentenary of MahebourgSG1140/1143£2.25
2006 Bicentenary of Mahebourg M/SSGMS1144£2.25
2006 EcologySG1146/1149£4.00
2006 Non Marine CrabsSG1150/1153£2.75
2006 Traditional Children's GamesSG1154/1157£2.75£2.75
2007 CoralsSG1158/1163£3.25
2007 DodoSG1164/1167
2007 Dodo M/SSGMS1168£6.50£6.00
2007 24th UPU Congress, NairobiSG1169£1.65
2007 Anniversaries and EventsSG1170/1173
2008 Mauritius in World LiteratureSG1175/1179£3.50
2009 Indigenous Plants of Mauritius set to 50R (12v)SG1180/1191£4.50
2009 Extinct Mauritian Giant TortoisesSG1192/1195£2.75£2.75
2009 Anniversaries an EventsSG1199/1202£2.75
2010 Expo '10 Shanghai, ChinaSG1204£1.15
2010 Bicentenary of the Battle of Grand Port.SG1205/1206£1.65
2010 Bicentenary of the British Conquest of the Isle of FranceSG1208/1209£0.75
2011 Mauritius in World HeritageSG1210/1213£2.25
2011 Anniversaries and EventsSG1215/1218£2.50
2011 Commemorative EventsSG1219/1221£1.50
2011 150th Anniversary of Post Office in RodriguesSG1223 £1.25
2011 Tea IndustrySG1224/1227 £2.00
2012 Bicentenary of Mauritius Turf ClubSG1232/1235£2.00
2012 Bicentenary of Mauritius Turf Club M/SSGMS1236£1.75
2012 Customs Department in MauritiusSG1237/1240£2.25
2012 Anniversaries and EventsSG1241/1243£1.50
2013 Sites and MonumentsSG1252/1255£1.75
2013 Anniversaries and EventsSG1256/1259£1.15
2013 Fauna and FloraSG1260/1262£1.25
2013 Eminent PersonalitiesSG1263/1264£1.35
2014 Fauna and FloraSG1265/1267£2.00
2014 Anniversaries and EventsSG1268/1271£2.50
1954 50c and 1R (2v)SGD6/D7
1966/72 set to 50c (6v)SGD8/D13
1982 se to 5R on 15R (6v)SGD14/D19£1.25£0.85