1963 Independence set to 20/- (14v)SG1/14£10.50£7.00
1964 Inauguration of RepublicSG15/19£1.00£2.50
1966 Animals set to 20/- (16v)SG20/35£13.00£9.00£12.00
1971 Animals set to 5/- Glazed ordinary paper (10v)SG21a/33a
1971 Shells set to 20/- (17v)SG36/52£15.00£10.00£7.00
1975 Surcharges to 40/- on 20/- (3v)SG53/55£10.00£7.00
1976 Telecommunications DevelopmentSG56/59£0.30£0.20
1976 Telecommunications Development M/SSGMS60£0.55
1976 Olympic Games, MontrealSG61/64£0.50£0.35
1976 Olympic Games, Montreal M/SSGMS65£2.50
1976 Railway TransportSG66/69£1.65£1.10
1976 Railway Transport M/SSGMS70£3.50
1977 Game Fish of East AfricaSG71/74£0.90
1977 Game fish of East Africa M/SSGMS75£3.75
1977 Second World Black and AfricanFestival of Arts and Culture, Nigeria SG76/79£0.75
1977 Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture, Nigeria M/SSGMS80£1.75
1977 25th Anniversary of Safari RallySG81/84£0.90£0.60
1977 25th Anniversary of Safari Rally M/SSGMS85£1.25
1977 Centenary of Ugandan ChurchSG86/89£0.50
1977 Centenary of Ugandan Church M/SSGMS90£0.50
1977 Silver JubileeSG91/94£0.50£0.35
1977 Silver Jubilee M/S (2)SGMS95£1.00
1977 Endangered SpeciesSG96/100£1.50
1977 Endangered Species M/SSGMS101£2.25
1977 Nairobi - Addis Ababa HighwaySG102/105£0.45£0.30
1977 Nairobi - Addis Ababa Highway M/SSGMS106£0.90
1977 Minerals set to 40/- (15v)SG107/121£28.00£20.00
1978 World Cup Championship, ArgentinaSG122/125£0.40£0.25
1978 World Football Championship, Argentina M/SSGMS126£1.40
1978 Commonwealth Game, EdmontonSG127/130£0.60£0.40
1978 Road SafetySG131/136£2.25£1.50£3.00
1978 Kenyatta DaySG137/141£0.70
1978 International Anti-Apartheid YearSG142/146£0.55£0.40
1979 International Year of the ChildSG147/150£0.60£0.40
1979 Kenya National TheatreSG151/155£0.50£0.35
1979 50th Anniversary of the Salvation Army Social ServicesSG156/159£0.70£1.50
1979 First Death Anniversary of President KenyattaSG160/163£0.40
1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland HillSG164/167£0.35£0.25
1980 International Road Federation. African Highway Conference, NairobiSG168/171£0.50£0.35
1980 Flying Doctor ServiceSG172/175£0.85£0.55
1980 Flying Doctor Service M/SSGMS176£1.00
1980 London 1980 International Stamp ExhibitionSG177£0.50
1980 London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS178£0.50
1980 Papal VisitSG179/182£0.75£0.50
1980 Marine LifeSG183/186£1.25£0.85
1980 Historic BuildingsSG187/192£0.55£0.40
1981 International Year for Disabled PersonsSG193/196£0.70
1981 Satellite CommunicationsSG197/200£0.65£0.45
1981 OAU Summit Conference, NairobiSG201/205£0.75
1981 OAU Summit Conference, Nairobi M/SSGMS206£0.55
1981 Royal WeddingSG207/210£0.40£0.35
1981 Royal Wedding M/SSGMS211£0.40
1981 Rare AnimalsSG212/215£0.60£0.40
1981 World Food DaySG216/219£0.50£0.35
1981Ceremonial Costumes (1st series)SG220/224£2.25
1982 Origins of Mankind, SkullsSG225/228£6.25£5.00
1982 75th Anniversary of Boy Scout Movement and 60th Anniversary of Girl Guide MovementSG229/236£3.00
1982 75th Anniversary of boy Scout Movement and 60th Anniversary of Girl Guide Movement M/SSGMS237£1.90
1982 World Cup Football Championship, SpainSG238/241£3.25£2.25
1982 World Cup Football Championship M/SSGMS242£2.75
1982 80th Anniversary of Agricultural Society of KenyaSG243/246£2.00£1.35
1982 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, NairobiSG247/250£2.75£1.85
1982 surcharge 70c on 80cSG251£0.50£0.35
1983 Fifth Anniversary of Kenya Ports AuthoritySG252/255£3.75£4.50
1983 Fifth Anniversary of Kenya Ports Authority M/SSGMS256£3.75
1983 Flowers set to 40/- (20v)SG257/271£25.00
1983 Commonwealth DaySG272/275£0.50£0.35
1983 30th Anniversary of Customs Co-operation CouncilSG276/279£1.75
1983 World Communications YearSG280/283£3.25£4.25
1983 25th Anniversary of Intergovernmental Maritime OrganisationSG284/287£5.25£6.00
1983 29th Commonwealth Parliamentary ConferenceSG288/290£1.35
1983 29th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference M/SSGMS291£1.40
1983 Royal VisitSG292/295£4.00£2.50£5.25
1983 Royal Visit M/SSGMS296£2.25
1983 20th Anniversary of IndependenceSG297/301£0.75£0.50
1983 20th Anniversary of Independence M/SSGMS302£0.75
1984 Rare Birds of KenyaSG303/307£7.00
1984 40th Anniversary of International Civil Aviation OrganisationSG308/311£1.75
1984 Olympic Games, Los AngelesSG312/315£2.50£1.75
1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles M/SSGMS316£1.65£1.10
1984 50th Conference of the International Federation of Library AssociationsSG317/320£1.00
1984 Fourth World Conference on Religion and PeaceSG321/324£1.90
1984 Kenya Export YearSG325/328£4.00£2.50
1984 Ceremonial Costumes (2nd series)SG329/333£6.00£4.00
1984 60th Anniversary of International Chess FederationSG334/338£9.00
1985 Energy ConservationSG339/342£1.75
1985 Energy Conservation M/SSGMS343£1.25
1985 75th Anniversary of Girl Guide MovementSG344/347£2.50
1985 World Red Cross DaySG348/351£5.75£6.00
1985 Seventh International Congress of ProtozoologySG352/355£8.00
1985 United Nations Women's Decade ConferenceSG356/359£1.20£0.80
1985 43rd International Eucharistic Congress, NairobiSG360/363£3.75£2.25£4.50
1985 43rd International Eucharistic Congress, Nairobi M/SSGMS364£4.25
1985 Endangered AnimalsSG365/368£8.50
1985 Endangered Animals M/SSGMS369£5.00
1986 Indigenous TreesSG370/373£7.00
1986 Indigenous Trees M/SSGMS374£2.00
1986 International Peace YearSG375/378£2.25
1986 World Cup Football Championships, MexicoSG379/383£5.50£3.75£5.00
1986 World Cup Football Championships, Mexico M/SSGMS384£1.90
1986 Expo '86 World Fair, VancouverSG385/389
1986 African TelecommunicationsSG390/393£2.00
1986 Dhows of KenyaSG394/397£6.50
1986 Dhows of Kenya M/SSGMS398£3.00
1986 ChristmasSG399/402£3.50
1987 40th Anniversary of UNICEFSG403/407£3.25
1987 TourismSG408/411£6.50
1987 Tourism M/SSGMS412£5.50
1987 Ceremonial Costumes (3rd series)SG413/417£7.00
1987 Tenth Anniversary of Kenya Posts and Telecommunications CorporationSG418/422£5.00
1987 Tenth Anniversary of Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation M/SSGMS423£1.25£1.40
1987 Fourth All Africa Games, NairobiSG424/428£1.10
1987 Fourth All Africa Games, Nairobi M/SSGMS429£1.25
1987 Medicinal HerbSSG430/434£7.50
1988 Butterflies set to 40/- (18v)SG434a/450£9.00£12.50
1988 Kenyan Game LodgesSG451/456£4.50
1988 Expo '88 World Fair, Brisbane and Bicentenary of Australian SettlementSG457/461£6.00
1988 Expo '88 World Fair, Brisbane and Bicentenary of Australian Settlement M/SSGMS462£1.25
1988 40th Anniversary of W.H.O.SG463/466£2.00
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul.SG467/471£2.25
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul M/SSGMS472£1.25
1988 Kenyan Material Culture (1st issue)SG473/477£2.25
1988 Kenyan Material Culture (1st issue) M/SSGMS478£0.90
1988 Tenth Anniversary of Nyayo EraSG479/485£8.00
1988 25th Anniversary of IndependenceSG486/490£7.25
1989 Historic MonumentsSG491/495£3.75
1989 125th Anniversary of International Red CrossSG496/500£3.00
1989 Reticulated GiraffeSG501/504£6.00£4.00
1989 Reticulated Giraffe M/SSGMS505
1989 MushroomsSG506/510£6.75£4.50
1989 Birth Centenary of Jawaharial Nehru (Indian Statesman)SG511/514£6.50£5.75
1989 Ceremonial Costumes (4th series)SG515/519£7.00£4.75
1990 Tenth Anniversary of Pan African Postal UnionSG520/524£1.75
1990 Stamp World London '90 International Stamp ExhibitionSG525/528£2.50
1990 Stamp World London '90 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS529
1990 World Cup Football Championship, ItalySG530/533£4.50
1990 30th Anniversary of Kenya Africa National UnionSG534/540£1.75
1990 125th Anniversary of I.T.U.SG541/544£0.75
1990 Queen Mother's 90th BirthdaySG545/546£1.35
1990 Centenary of Postage Stamps in KenyaSG547/551£8.50
1990 International Literacy Year SG552/555£2.00
1991 Olympic Games, Barcelona (1992) (1st issue)SG556/560
1992 A.I.D.'s DaySG561/564£5.00
1992 40th Anniversary of the Accession of QEIISG565/569£3.00£3.25
1992 Kenya WildlifeSG570/574£13.00
1992 Vintage CarsSG575/579£8.50
1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona (2nd issue)SG580/584£5.00
1992 ChristmasSG585/588£1.50
1993 LighthousesSG589/592
1993 Birds set to 100/- (14v)SG593/603£7.50
1993 17th World congress of Rehabilitation InternationalSG611/615
1994 40th Anniversary of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake OrganisationSG616/620£3.00
1994 OrchidsSG621/625£6.75£6.00
1994 30th Anniversary of African Development BankSG626/627£2.25
1994 International Year of the FamilySG628/631£3.50£4.50
1994 50th Anniversary of Rotary Club of MombasaSG632/636£2.75£3.75
1995 Kenya Society for Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsSG637/641£3.00
1995 GolfSG642/645£4.50£3.75
1995 Kenyan Material Culture (2nd series)SG646/650£2.00
1995 25th Anniversary of I.C.I.P.E.SG651/655£3.25£3.00
1995 50th Anniversary of F.A.O.SG656/660£5.00£5.00
1995 50th Anniversary of United NationsSG661/664£2.25
1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta (ist issue) Events and Gold Medal Winners ( 3 sheetlets)SG665/688£12.50
1996 Olympic Games Atlanta (1st issue) Events and Gold Medal Winners (2 M/S)SGMS689£3.75
1996 TourismSG690/694£2.25
1996 Tourism M/SSGMS695
1996 Tourism (different design) (booklet - 4 sets)SG696/701£80.00
1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta (2nd issue)SG702/706
1996 Kenya Red Cross SocietySG707/711
1996 East African Wildlife SocietySG712/715
1996 Work of Lions Club International in KenyaSG716/719
1997 Inauguration of Common Market for Eastern and Southern AfricaSG720/721
1997 Endangered Fish. Lake Victoria Cichlid FishSG722/725
1997 Kenya Railway LocomotivesSG726/731
1997 Fruits of East AfricaSG732/735
1997 Local Tourist AttractionsSG736/740
1997 75thAnniversary of Kenyan Girl GuidesSG741/748
1998 500th Anniversary of Vasco de Gama's Arrival at MalindiSG749/752£2.75£2.50
1998 18th Anniversary of Pan African Postal Union. WildlifeSG753/756£4.25
1998 18th Anniversary of Pan African Postal Union, Wildlife M/SSGMS757
1998 Daniel Arap Moi's Fifth Presidential TermSG758£0.75
2000 TurtlesSG759/763£4.50£4.50
2000 East Africa Postal Administrations' Co-operationSG764/766£2.25
2000 East Africa Postal Administrations' Co-operation M/SSGMS767
2001 Crops set to 500/- (18v)SG768/785£14.00
2002 Historical Sites of East AfricaSG786/789£3.75
2003 40th Anniversary of Kenya - China Diplomatic RelationsSG790/791£3.00£2.50
2004 TourismSG792/795£4.25
2005 EasterSG796/799£3.50£3.75
2005 Centenary of Rotary InternationalSG800/803£3.75£4.00
2005 Traditional Costumes of East Africa (1st series)SG804/807£4.50
2006 Fish of Lake VictoriaSG808/811
2006 24th U.P.U. Congress (Nairobi) (1st issue)SG812£0.50£0.65
2006 Owen and Mzee (baby hippo and giant tortoise) Haller Park, MombasaSG813£1.25£1.25
2006 Tourism. Kenya the Land of OpportunitySG814/825
2007 Mountains of East AfricaSG826/828£4.00
2007 Breast Cancer ResearchSG829£0.90
2007 Traditional Costumes of East Africa (2nd series)SG830/833
2007 Centenary of Nairobi ArboretumSG834/837£4.00
2008 24th U.P.U. Congress, Naorobi (2nd series)SG838/841
2008 Olympic Games, BeijingSG842/845£5.50
2008 Heroes of KenyaSG846/849£3.75
2008 Centenary of Theosophical Order of Service. Provision of Wells and BoreholesSG850
2008 Golden Jubilee of the Aga KhanSG851/854£4.25
2009 Birth Bicentenary of Louis Braille (inventor of braille writing)SG855
2009 Tenth Anniversary of Postal Corporation of KenyaSG856/867
2010 Centenary (2009) of the East Africa Natural History SocietySG868/871
2010 30th Anniversary of P.A.P.U. (Pan African Postal Union)SG872£0.50
2011 Promulgation of New ConstitutionSG873£0.50
2011 40th Anniversary of International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (4 sheetlets of 25)SG874/973£185.00
2012 40th Anniversary of United Nations Environment Programme (1st issue)SG74/976£4.00£3.75
2012 40th Anniversary of nited Nations Environment Programme (2nd issue)SG977/979£4.00£3.75
2012 40th Anniversary of United Nations Environment Programme (3rd issue)SG980/982£4.00£3.75
2013 Professor Wangari Muta Maathai's Nobel Peace Prize 2004SG983£0.75£0.50
2013 BirdsSG984/992£7.50
2013 50th Anniversary of Independence (4 sheetlets of 25)SG993/1092£100.00
2013 50yth Anniversary of Independence (3 M/S)SGMS1093/1095£11.50
2013 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Kenya and ChinaSG1096/1097£2.15£1.90
2013 50tyh Annivesary of Diplomatic Relations between Kenya and China M/SSGMS1098
2015 Birth Bicentenary of Don BoscoSG1099£0.50£0.35
2015 Birth Bicentenary of Don Bosco M/SSGMS1100
2015 70th Anniversary of United NationsSG1101£0.35
2015 150th Anniversary of International Telecommunications UnionSG1102/1105£3.00
2017 The Big FiveSG1106/1110£3.75
2017 The Big Five M/SSGMS1111
2017 Beginning of Passenger Services on New Nairobi to Mombasa Standard Gauge RailwaySG1112/1116
2017 Beginning of Passenger Services on New Niarobi - Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway M/SSGMS1117
2017 United Nations 17 Sustainable Development GoalsSG1118/1121
2017 President Obama's State Visit to KenyaSG1122£0.25
2018 Northern White RhinoSG1123/1125
2018 Northern White Rhino M/SSGMS1126
2018 Big Four Action Plan
2018 Nelson Mandela£0.35
2018 Test Early for Sickle Cell£4.00
1964 set to 50c (6v)SGO21/26£2.00
1971/73 set to 1/- (4v) (*20c LMM)SGD19/22£20.00*
1973 set to 1/- (6v)SGD29/34£3.00£2.00
1979 set to 1/- (6v)SGD35/40£3.00
1983 set to 40c (3v)SGD41/43