1953 CoronationSG173£0.30£0.20£0.35
1954/61 set to 10R (19v)SG174/188£58.00£32.00£27.50
1956 Bicentenary of 'La Pierre de Possession'SG189/190£0.15£0.10£0.40
1957 Surcharge with italic cSG191c£2.00
1957 Surcharge 5c on 45cSG191£0.10£0.10£0.10
1961 Centenary of First Seychelles Post OfficeSG193/195£0.65£0.45£0.35
1968/68 set to 10R (18v)`SG196/212£20.00
1963 Freedom From HungerSG213£0.30£0.20£0.15
1963 Red Cross CentenarySG214/215£0.50£0.35£1.25
1965 Surcharges (2v)SG216/217£0.25£0.15£0.15
1965 I.T.U. CentenarySG218/219£0.30£0.20£0.20
1965 International Co-operation YearSG220/221£0.25£0.20£0.20
1966 Churchill CommemorationSG222/225£1.60£1.10£2.50
1966 World Cup Football ChampionshipSG226/227£0.30£0.20£0.35
1966 Inauguration of W.H.O. Headquarters, GenevaSG228/229£0.30£0.20
1966 20th Anniversary of U.N.E.S.C.O.SG230/232£0.65£0.45
1967/69 set to 85c W12 watermark sideways (5v)SG233/237£2.50
1967 Universal Adult SuffrageSG238/241£0.15£0.35
1967 International Tourist YearSG242/245£0.65
1968 surcharges (3v)SG246/248£0.30
1968 Human Rights YearSG249/252£0.25
1968 Bicentenary of First Landing on PraslinSG253/256£1.15
1969 First Man on the MoonSG257/261£0.50
1969/72 set to 15R on slightly toned paper (18v)SG262/279£14.50
1973/75 set to 3R50 on whiter paper (11v)SG263a/276a£15.00£10.00£27.50
1970 Bicentenary of First Settlement, At. Anne IslandSG280/283£1.35£0.80
1970 Centenary of British Red CrossSG284/287£1.00£1.40
1970 FlowersSG288/291£1.10£0.75£1.35
1970 Flowers M/SSGMS292£1.40
1971 Putting Seychelles on the MapSGMS293£0.90£4.50
1971 Airport CompletionSG294/299£2.75£2.25
1971 ChristmasSG300/302£0.25£1.20
1971 surcharges (3v)SG303/305£0.55£1.20
1972 Royal VisitSG306/307£0.55£1.60
1972 Rare Seychelles BirdsSG308/313£9.00£6.00
1972 Rare Seychelles Birds M/SSGMS314£11.00
1972 Festival '72'SG315/318£0.35
1972 Royal Silver WeddingSG319/320£0.15£0.10
1973 Royal WeddingSG321/322£0.10£0.10
1974 FishesSG323/326£0.85£1.60
1974 Centenary of U.P.U.SG327/330£0.50£0.35£0.90
1974 Birth Centenary of Sir Winston ChurchillSG331/332£0.25£0.50
1974 Birth Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill M/SSGMS333£0.30
1975 Visit of R.M.S. 'Queen Elizabeth II'SG334/337£0.45£1.25
1975 Internal Self GovernmentSG338/341£0.70£1.50
1975 International Women's YearSG342/349£1.10£2.00
1976 Rural PostsSG350/353£0.60
1976 Rural Posts M/SSGMS354£0.75
1976 IndependenceSG355/362£0.60
1976 Seychelles Independence and American Independence BicentenarySG363/364£0.50£0.35£1.50
1976 Olympic Games, MontrealSG365/368£0.55£1.10
1976 Fourth Pan-African Ornithological Congress, SeychellesSG369/372£2.75£4.00
1976 Fourth Pan-African Ornithological Conference, Seychelles M/SSGMS373£3.25£4.50
1976 set to 25R on 65c
overprinted 'Independence 1976' (9v)
1976 Bicentenary of American RevolutionSG383/391£1.00
1976 Bicentenary of American Revolution M/SSGMS392£1.25
1977 Silver JubileeSG393/400£0.50
1977 Silver Jubilee M/SSGMS401£0.30
1977 60th Anniversary of Russian October RevolutionSG402£0.30
1977 60th Anniversary of Russian October Revolution M/SSGMS403£0.40
1977/78 set to 20R (no imprint) (16v)SG404A/419A£8.00£5.50
1980/84 set to 1R50 with imprint date at foot (9v)SG405B/414B£6.00
1977 ChristmasSG420/423£0.30£0.35
1978 Liberation DaySG424/427£0.35£0.35
1978 25th Anniversary of CoronationSG428/431£0.40
1978 25th Anniversary of Coronation M?SSGMS432£0.40
1978 WildlifeSG433/436£2.10
1978 Bicentenary of VictoriaSG437/440£0.30£0.35
1979 Birds (1sr series) strip of 5SG441/445£1.35£0.90
1979 African Liberation HeroesSG446/449£0.45
1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland HillSG450/452£0.35£0.80
1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill M/SSGMS453£0.25
1979 International Year of the ChildSG454/457£0.35
1979 ChristmasSG458/460£0.35£0.50
1979 Christmas M/SSGMS461£0.25
1979 surchargeSG462£0.15
1980 Birds (2nd series) strip of 5SG463/467£1.75
1980 London '80 International Stamp ExhibitionSG468/471£0.75£0.55
1980 London '80 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS472£1.00
1980 Olympic Games, MoscowSG473/476£0.50
1980 Olympic Games, Moscow M/SSGMS477£0.70
1980 International Tourism Conference, ManilaSG478/481£0.60£0.65
1980 International Tourism Conference, Manila sheetlets (10 sets plus two labels)SG478/481£6.00
1980 Coco-de-Mer (palms)SG482/485£0.60
1980 Coco-de- Mer (Palms) M/SSGMS486£0.80
1981 set to 20R redrawn face values (8v)SG487/494£8.00
1981 ShipsSG495/498£0.80£1.40
1981 Ships M/SSGMS499£0.75
1981 Birds (3rd series) strip of 5SG500/504£2.50
1981 Royal WeddingSG505/510£1.50
1981 Royal Wedding sheetletsSG505/510£5.00
1981 Royal Wedding M/SSGMS511£0.50
1981 Royal Wedding booklet stampsSG512/513
1981 10th Anniversary of Opening of Seychelles International AirportSG514/517£0.85
1981 Seychelles Flying Fox (Roussette)SG518/521£0.60£1.00
1981 Seychelles Flying Fox (Roussette) M/SSGMS522£0.75
1982 Birds (4th series) strip of 5SG523/527£4.50
1982 Modern MapsSG528/531£0.50£1.50
1982 Modern Maps M/SSGMS532£0.55£2.50
1982 5th Anniversary of LiberationSG533/536£0.65£1.00
1982 5th Anniversary of Liberation M/SSGMS537£1.15
1982 TourismSG538/545£0.70
1982 Land TransportSG546/549£0.65
1983 World Communications YearSG550/553£0.70
1983 Commonwealth DaySG554/557£0.70
1983 Famous LandmarksSG558/561£0.60
1983 Famous Landmarks M/SSGMS562£1.40
1983 Bicentenary of Manned FlightSG563/566£0.65
1983 1st International Flight of Air SeychellesSG567£0.90
1983 Centenary of Visit to Seychelles by Marianne North (botanic artist)SG568/571£1.00
1983 Centenary of Visit to Seychelles by Marianne North (botanic artist) M/SSGMS572£1.40
1983 surcharges (Royal Wedding stamps)SG573/578£2.25£4.75
1983 surcharges (Royal Wedding stamps) sheetletsSG573/578£4.50
1984 Traditional HandicraftsSG579/582£0.80
1984 250th Anniversary of Lloyds List (newspaper)SG583/586£2.00
1984 20th Anniversary of Seychelles People's United PartySG587/590£0.75
1984 U.P.U. Congress, Hamburg M/SSGMS591£0.70
1984 Olympic Games, Los AngelesSG592/595£1.35
1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles M/SSGMS596£1.50
1984 Water SportsSG597/600£2.25
1984 Whale ConservationSG601/604£6.00
1985 Birth Bicentenary of John J. Audubon (Ornithologist)SG605/608£6.00
1985 Expo 85 World Fair, JapanSG609/612£3.00£2.00
1985 Expo 85 World Fair, Japan M/SSGMS613£4.25
1985 Life and Times of Queen MotherSG614/617£1.25
1985 Life and Times of Queen Mother M/SSGMS618£1.65
1985 Second Indian Ocean GamesSG619/622£1.75
1985 Acquisition of First Air Seychelles AirbusSG623£1.50
1985 International Youth YearSG624/627£1.60
1985 Vintage CarsSG628/631£2.85
1986 Appearance of Halley's CometSG632/635£1.50
1986 Visit of Ballet du Louvre CompanySG636/637£0.55
1986 Visit of Ballet du Louvre Company M/SSGMS638£0.70
1986 QEII 60th BirthdaySG639/643£0.75
1986 Ameripex 86 International Stamp Exhibition, ChicagoSG644/647£3.50£2.35
1986 Seychelles Knights of Malta DaySG648£0.55
1986 Seychelles Knights of Malta Day M/SSGMS649£1.40
1986 Seychelles Philatelic Exhibition, Tokyo M/SSGMS650£0.90
1986 Royal WeddingSG651/652£0.85£0.55
1986 International Creole DaySG653£1.40
1986 Visit of Pope John Paul IISG654/657£4.50
1986 Visit of Pope John Paul II M/SSGMS658£5.50
1987 ButterfliesSG659/662£4.75£3.25
1987 SeashellsSG663/666£5.50
1987 10th Anniversary of LiberationSG667/670£0.90
1987 Centenary of Banking in SeychellesSG671/673£0.70
1987 Royal Ruby WeddingSG674/678£0.80
1987 Royal Ruby Wedding 50c overprint invertedSG674a£35.00
1987 Seychelles Fishing IndustrySG679/682£1.60
1988 TourismSG683/686£3.25£2.15
1988 The Green Turtle (vertical pairs)SG687/690£3.25
1988 Olympic Games, SeoulSG691/699£2.50
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul M/SSGMS700£2.00
1988 300th Anniversary of Lloyds of LondonSG701/704£5.50£3.50
1988 1st Anniversary of Defense Forces DaySG705/708£8.00
1988 ChristmasSG709/712£2.15
1988 Orchids (1st series)SG713/716£4.00
1988 10c and 50c definitives watermark W14 upright (2v)SG718, 722
1989 Birth Centenary of Jawaharial Nehru (Indian statesman)SG724/725£2.25
1989/91 definitives to 5R watermark W16 (4v)SG732/738
1989 25th Anniversary of Seychelles People's United PartySG742/745£1.75
1989 20th Anniversary of First Manned Landing on MoonSG746/749£1.75£1.15
1989 20th Anniversary of First Manned Landing on Moon M/SSGMS750£2.50
1989 125th Anniversary of International Red CrossSG751/754£9.00
1989 Island BirdsSG755/758£7.00
1989 Island Birds M/SSGMS759£7.00
1989 Bicentenary of French RevolutionSG760/761£3.75
1989 Bicentenary of French Revolution M/SSGMS762£3.00
1989 25th Anniversary of African Development BankSG763/766£4.75£3.00
1990 Orchids (2nd series)SG767/770£7.50
1990 Stamp World London 90 International Stamp ExhibitionSG771/774£2.75£1.85
1990 Stamp World London 90 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS775£5.00
1990 EXPO 90 International Garden and Greenery Exhibition, OsakaSG776/779£5.25
1990 EXPO 90 International Garden and Greenery Exhibition, Osaka M/SSGMS780£4.25
1990 Air Seychelles Boeing 767-200ER World Record Breaking FlightSG781
1990 Air Seychelles Boeing 767-200ER World Record Breaking Flight sheetlet (10 stamps)SG781£22.50
1990 Queen Mother's 90th BirthdaySG782/783£2.25£1.50
1990 International Literacy YearSG784/787£4.25£2.85
1990 Kreol Festival. Sega DancingSG788/792£6.25
1990 First Indian Ocean Regional Seminar on Petroleum ExplorationSG793/794£3.75
1991 Orchids (3rd series)SG795/798£6.25
1991 QEII 65th BirthdaySG799/800£1.60£2.25
1991 Phila Nippon 91 International Stamp ExhibitionSG801/804£6.50
1991 Phila Nippon 91 International Stamp Exhibition M/SSGMS805£3.50
1991 Christmas. WoodcutsSG806/809£3.65
1992 40th Anniversary of QEII AccessionSG810/814£2.50
1993 Flora and Fauna set to 50R (14V) 1993 imprintsSG815/828£25.00
1994 Flora and Fauna set to 50R (5v) 1994 imprintsSG818/828£17.50
1996 Flora and Fauna set to 15R (5v) 1996 imprintsSG815w/826£3.00
1998 Flora and Fauna 3R (1v) i1998 imprintSG821£1.00
2000 Flora and Fauna set to 3R50 (6v) 2000 imprintsSG815w/822£3.00
1993 First Visit of Archbishop of Canterbury to SeychellesSG834/835£4.25
1993 4th Indian Ocean GamesSG836/839£3.25
1993 Centenary of TelecommunicationsSG840/843£5.50
1994 Hong Kong 94 International Stamp ExhibitionSG844/847£2.75
1994 ButterfliesSG848/851£6.00
1995 Queen Mothers 95th BirthdaySG852/855£3.25
1996 Endangered Species. Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher (strip of 4)SG856/859£1.25
1996 Endangered Species. Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher (singles)SG856/859£1.25
1996 Endangered Species. Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher M/SSGMS860£2.50
1996 Centenary of Modern Olympic GamesSG861/864£1.65
1996 40th Anniversary of Exile of Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus to SeychellesSG865/866£2.40
1996 Birds (horizontal pairs)SG867/874£5.50
1997 Hong Kong 97 International Stamp ExhibitionSG875£1.25
1997 QEII Golden Wedding (horizontal pairs)SG876/881£2.50
1997 QEII Golden Wedding M/SSGMS882£2.00
1997 Diane, Princess of Wales Commemoration M/SSGMS883£1.00
1998 International Year of the OceanSG884/889£3.50£3.50
1999 18th Century ShipsSG890/893£3.50
1999 18th Century Ships M/SSGMS894£3.50
1999 Royal WeddingSG895/896£3.00
1999 New MillenniumSG897/900£4.25
2000 Queen Mothers 100th BirthdaySG901/904£4.25
2001 Milestones in Seychelles HistorySG905/910£4.25
2001 Bird Life World Bird FestivalSG911/914£4.25
2001 Bird Life World Bird Festival M/SSGMS915£5.50
2002 Queen Mother Commemoration M/SSGMS916£2.50
2003 Endangered Species. FrogsSG917/920
2003 Endangered Species. Frogs M/SSGMS921£3.75
2003 Marie Life set to 50R (14v)SG922/935£26.00
2004 20th Anniversary of the Indian Ocean CommissionSG936£2.40
2004 Flora and Fauna (surcharges)SG937/943£6.75
2005 Pope John Paul II CommemorationSG944£0.90£0.90
2006 50th Anniversary of Exile of Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus to the SeychellesSG945/946
2006 30th Anniversary of IdependenceSG947/953£5.00
2007 25th Anniversary of Aldabra as a World Heritage SiteSG954/956
2008 Olympic Games, BeijingSG957/960£1.75£1.25
2008 Endangered Species. Aldabra Drongo and Aldabra Red-headed FodySG961/964
2008 Endangered Species. Aldabra Drongo and Aldabra Red-headed Fody M/SSGMS965
2009 Seafaring and ExplorationSG966/971£10.00£6.50
2009 Seafaring and Exploration M/SSGMS972£2.15
2009 International Year of Astronomy. 40th Anniversary of First Moon LandingSG973/977£6.00
2009 International Year of Astronomy, 40th Anniversary of First Moon Landing M/SSGMS978£6.00
2010 set to 100R (11v)SG986/996
2011 Royal WeddingSG997/1000£7.50
2011 Centenary of the State House of Seychelles, VictoriaSG1001£0.90
2011 150th Anniversary of the Seychelles Post OfficeSG1002/1003£3.50
1951 set to 30c (8v)SGD1/D8
1964/65 2c and 3c watermark W12SGD9/D10£1.25
1980 set to 1R (8v)SGD11/D18£1.00£4.00